Blog: Hooe’s Yurts
Charlie Charlie

Join Hooe’s Yurts for an open day tea party on Saturday 7th April 2012 in Devon


Hooe's Yurts open day giant wedding yurt

Hooe’s Yurts is one of the latest additions to The Natural Wedding Company directory, so I was delighted to find out that they are holding a tea party open day next weekend to showcase their beautiful yurts to potential clients.  In particular, they will be showcasing their newest addition – a stunning 44ft cathedral size yurt seating up to 120 people!

Hooe's Yurts wedding yurts

Now, I have been in a yurt that could seat up to 80 people and that was pretty impressive, so one for 120 must be incredible.  What is so wonderful about yurts, even at this size, is that they are incredibly intimate and magical – I haven’t experienced many things so lovely as the meal I had in the 80 person yurt, it even inspired our wedding.

Hooe's Yurts Devon wedding marquee hire

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