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Charlie Charlie

Our rustic country wedding – my antique lace wedding dress


Whilst a lot of brides spend hours getting ready, I had just over two hours to cool down (I was so hot from dashing round all day getting the garden ready!), have my hair and make-up done, and get dressed.

I was finally ‘removed’ from the garden and banished upstairs at 2.15pm when Nick and the boys arrived – although we’d spent the morning together, we’d decided we wouldn’t see each other after that.

‘The Dress’

Mark Tattersall Photography

I never intended to buy a wedding dress, I have a friend who is a dressmaker and I’d always planned for her to make one.  But I wanted a little of the fun of trying wedding dresses on, so off I went to Cheltenham with my mum and little sister to try some dresses on and see what style and shape suited me best.

Mark Tattersall Photography

We’d been to two generic wedding dress shops before we entered Cocoa Couture owned by Cara Wagstaff.  We were instantly blown away by this tiny upstairs room stuffed full of gorgeous dresses all handmade by Cara and her team from antique fabrics and lace.

Izzy Burton Photography

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