An exquisite summer meadow wedding cake of handcrafted sugar flowers - made by Amy Swann Cakes

Well it has just about been forever since I last shared some wedding cake inspiration here on my Cake Love feature, but I am back with an absolute beauty that I’m convinced you’ll all fall in love with.

This exquisite ‘Summer Meadow’ wedding cake was designed and made by our very own Amy Swann Cakes who you will find listed in the Cakes section of our directory. Amy is a firm favourite of ours with her incredible talent at creating sugar paste flowers that look almost more real than real flowers!

Beautiful summer meadow wedding cake with sugar paste flowers - made by Amy Swann Cakes

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An elegant and simple bundt wedding cake with hedgerow foraged elderflower

When I came across this beautiful cake I fell in love and knew that it was one to share on the blog. I love the frothy delicate flowers and the way the icing glaze, drizzled over the sides, has a carefree pattern and I would imagine the taste to be very light and refreshing.

Create a cake table

Whenever I see pictures of bundt cakes, the fluted sides remind me of jelly moulds, and I can envisage a cake table at a wedding with this as the centre piece and mini bundt cakes dotted about amongst upturned glass and metal jelly moulds. You could even use the elderflower foliage to create a natural runner for long trestle tables and serve homemade cordial or sorbet as part of your menu.

Embrace seasonality

Elderflower is delicious and decorative. In the UK, it grows wild in the hedgerows during early summer but the season is short-lived – in fact just a few weeks long, usually from the end of May to mid- June. If you love this style of cake but your wedding falls during a different month, you could easily dream up other flavours by choosing another seasonal edible such as lavender or forest fruits for example.

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Iridescent blue wedding cake adorned with delicate white flowers

If you’d have told me I’d be sharing a blue wedding cake here on our my Cake Love feature I wouldn’t have believed you…but here I am sharing a blue wedding cake.

But isn’t it pretty?

It’s a rather nice shade of blue with an iridescent sort of shimmer to it (not sure it could be achieved with natural colourings, but oh well!) and the addition of those blouse white blooms makes for a rather romantic wedding cake without being sickly sweet.

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A spring wedding cake covered in lilac flowers and blossom

Did someone say spring was on it’s way? It’s been teasing us in recent weeks with some really lovely sunny days…and then it reverts to grey drizzle. The daffodils and crocus that are popping up around my garden assure me spring IS on its way, likewise my fruit trees are starting to bud – how about yours?

So in celebration that spring might be peeking over the horizon, here is a wonderful late spring wedding cake to inspire all you May brides. Take one simple white tiered wedding cake and absolutely drench it in lilac flowers and the odd artfully placed blossom.

I am a May baby, and undoubtedly biased to this wonderful month (I love everything about it and even chose to get married then), but can you get much lovelier than this wedding cake? Not much lovelier I don’t think!

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Elegant white tiered wedding cake drizzled with chocolate

It’s rainy and miserable outside, so if you are getting married during the winter months (no winter wonderland of snow for us British!) then a cake that brings some cheer is a must.

We’re all about going with the seasons here at The Natural Wedding Company, so lots of colourful fresh flowers isn’t such a viable option for a winter wedding. This simple tiered white cake, with its sharp edges and chocolate dripping down from each layer, seems to be both rustic and yet elegant at the same time.

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A rustic naked wedding cake entwined with thyme sprigs for a winter wedding

Apologies for the break in my Cake Love posts, I have been busy taking care of baby Tilly and my sister Izzy has been snowed under with a project at University, so it’s been a challenge to keep up with the blog recently.

I wanted to start sharing some more wintry wedding ideas and inspiration as we head towards December – can you believe it’s almost here?!  Well this cake that I found to share with you today isn’t an actual wedding cake, but I think it would be rather lovely for a couple who want a cake that’s really down-to-earth.

It’s in the ‘naked cake’ style that has been quite popular this year, with its rough icing, which I think gives it a sort of ‘frosty’ appearance – perfect for a winter wedding.  The thyme sprigs that have been wrapped around also give it that wintry feel and I love the wild look they give the cake.

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Pale pink country wedding cake with raspberries

This is one of those wedding cakes that I quite fancy bookmarking and recreating as a birthday cake one day in the future.  I really love the combination of the barely-there pale pink icing, and the white blossoms and foliage trailing down the tiers – it’s perfectly finished off with those soft red raspberries.

It’s both feminine and romantic and has that elegant but rustic feel to it.  Although I’m not a particularly girlie girl, this wedding cake definitely appeals to my softer side.

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