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GreenAcres Woodland Weddings is a beautiful unique wedding venue. Surrounded by a stunning mature woodland, a place of natural beauty and breath taking views. 

The GreenAcres story really begins a long time ago when the trees that now tower above our park were planted. The phrase that mighty oaks grow from tiny acorns has never been more appropriate. We’re incredibly proud to be the custodians of this special place and now we’re thrilled to be opening our park for weddings for the first time.

Hidden among the Buckinghamshire countryside is GreenAcres Chiltern. Here you have 72 acres of woodland to call your own and ceremonial buildings that are so in keeping with their surroundings that they’ve almost become part of them. GreenAcres offers you a wonderful combination of superb surroundings, numerous options for your ceremony and the opportunity to be able to create your own special celebration with our caring and supportive team. Whether you choose to work with a local registrar or independent celebrant, GreenAcres is both flexible and committed to giving you the wedding day that you want. 

Take your vows in our Woodland Hall where the deer look on from the terrace outside and then celebrate under the trees in any way you choose. GreenAcres is a very special wedding venue where you’re able to create your very own wedding day that’s individual, personal and utterly memorable. 

When you book your wedding with GreenAcres Woodland Weddings, you’ll enjoy exclusive venue hire, a choice of locations for your ceremony and the assistance of a GreenAcres wedding coordinator before your wedding.

Credits: Photography Creative Director – Emma Hla

GreenAcres Chiltern is a family owed business that has been awarded the Green Flag standard for the eighth year running. A Green Flag recognises Britain’s best green spaces attained through tree planting, feeding the birds with various feeders, piling deadwood for small mammals and providing homes in the form of bird, bat and owl boxes for our ariel wildlife.

GreenAcres also promotes green practices within its venue, the building is made from sustainable materials, only environmentally friendly cleaning agents are used, and heating to the building is supplied via a wood fuelled boiler.

Formerly Pitlands wood, GreenAcres Chiltern is comprised of 72 acres of mature woodland. The park is divided into areas ranging in ambience and habitat – from the still calm of Valley View to a springtime carpet of bluebells, there are various options and photo opportunities. 

Since the park opened in 2009 the woodland team have worked hard at maintaining the woodland, protecting the natural habitat.

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