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Scandanavian tipis to create a truly unique wedding setting

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On a mountain in upstate New York, down on bended knee, Matt popped the question… Our search for the perfect venue was on; we found breath-taking views, beautiful secluded spots and open meadows but nothing to reflect us and the things we love! Then we found the tipis!

At Event is a tent we do as the name suggests, provide Scandanavian tipis for a variety of events, from wedding to festivals. In the past few years we have had some tipis heli lifted on to the swiss alps for a private party, had live penguins run around them in a party, a few festival areas and lots of brilliant weddings.

Weddings are so personal and special at event in a tent we aim to provide the tipis and give you the maximum amount of time with the tipis so that you can decorate them to make your day a unique and personalised event. With all our customers we like to get to know you and give you a more personal service. We have links with lots of different people who can help with your big day.

The tipis are a stunning feature for any location they provide perfect shade in the hot summer and a cozy shelter on a snowy day. where and when ever your event our team will help at every level to get your event how you want it.

Event in a Tent aim to keep everything as green as possible with everything from the construction of the tipis to the day-to-day running of the company. We are currently working towards becoming a carbon neutral company.

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Based in North Wales

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Cheshire, Herefordshire, Lancashire, Mid Wales, North Wales, Shropshire, South Wales, Staffordshire, West Wales

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"We want to live in a tipi! Thank you for giving our wedding day that extra wow factor!" - Liam & Samantha


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