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Handmade eco friendly engagement and wedding rings inspired by rural Wales

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Slade Fine Jewellery is a one woman team. Well, two and a half woman team really, if you include a very helpful two year old who just can’t get enough sparkles and a very friendly cat!

Slade Fine Jewellery uses ethically sourced gemstones and ECO friendly, recycled, and Fairtrade Gold and Silver. Jemma works closely with clients to create unique, individual and meaningful bespoke items. Each item is handmade by Jemma in her Pembrokeshire based workshop, however clients have come from far across the globe with much discussion and design work taking place through email, phone and skype!

Jemma is experienced in working with ethically sourced, conflict free, gorgeous Canadian mined GIA certified diamonds, ethically certified rubies and and other recyeld, antique, natural and often raw rough cut gemstones.

Slade Fine Jewellery also has a small selection of ready to wear items, each one still designed and handmade by Jemma and completely unique, that simply require a little resizing and are ready to go!

Inspired by her rustic rural Welsh surroundings Jemma’s jewellery has an earthy feel to it. Beautifully handworked often textured gold and silver is encrusted with natural and sometimes rough cut gemstones. For Jemma, the pleasure of making jewellery is all found in working with the materials themselves, and in creating something timeless, sentimental and meaninful for the person whom it is intended for.

Slade Fine Jewellery uses ECO friendly, recycled and Fairtade Gold and Silver, with a beautiful and vast array of ethically sourced natural gemstones including Canadian mined GIA certified diamonds, ethically certifield rubies and antique and recycled precious and semi precious stones.

Communication with clients is made mainly by phone, email or skype to keep carbon footprints at a minimum, and is especially handy since each item is handmade by Jemma in her Pembrokeshire based workshop in the deepst depths of rural Wales powered by solar pannels and a biomass boiler!

“Hi Jemma, just a quick email to let you know that she said yes and she loved the ring! Thanks again for your hard work.” – Matt

“You’ll be pleased to know that Sophie loved the ring! Thank you so much. I proposed officially on the Tuesday – which I wasn’t planning to do, but the right moment presented itself. It’s been really great working with you on the ring.”

“Hi Jemma, I have received the ring and it is utterly brilliant!!!! Becky will absolutely love it. Thank you so much for doing it for us! I can’t thank you enough Jemma.” – Tom

“Hi Jemma, the engagement went so well, we went off on a little adventure in our camper.. Flip loves the ring… I’ve been recommending you all over the shop to everyone else I know thinking about getting married!”

“Hi Jemma, I proposed to Crystal yesterday…she said yes..! We had a special romantic snowed too which was lovely. She loves the ring..thank you so much for everything. All your design help and amazing photos of the diamond and ring throughout the whole process. Making it perfect for our special day.”

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