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Creating beautiful bespoke jewellery from conflict-free diamonds & fairtrade gold

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When David Rhode was looking for an engagement ring he couldn’t find a jeweller who could tell him where their diamonds had come from, or the conditions under which their jewellery was produced. Together with his friend Tim Ingle they launched Ingle & Rhode to offer an ethical alternative to the traditional luxury brands.

Luxury, bespoke and ethically sound.

At Ingle & Rhode we are passionate about creating beautiful bespoke jewellery. We are also committed to the highest ethical standards and use Canadian conflict-free diamonds and certified fairtrade fairmined gold from Bolivia and Peru.

If you are proposing and are not sure what type of ring you would like, we can help, and can even supply a loose diamond for your proposal. You can then design the ring together at a later date and work with our designers and craftsmen to create the perfect ring.  

For engagement, wedding and eternity rings, Ingle & Rhode is the only jeweller you will ever need.

"Combining unlimited bespoke possibilities with all the right ethical motivations, Ingle & Rhode is one of London's number one jewellery destinations." - Vogue

For us ‘ethical’ is not an optional add on. It is the single, defining standard that determines everything that goes into our jewellery. We use the finest quality materials, but only those that we can trace back to source, such as certified Fairtrade gold and Canadian diamonds.

We don’t agree with sweatshops or production lines. Our rings are all made individually in the UK, and our craftsmen and women are amongst the most respected in the industry. The exceptional quality of our materials and craftsmanship mean that we create exquisite pieces of jewellery backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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Based in London

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"One of the original jewellers to champion fairly traded gold and diamonds, Ingle & Rhode's designs have a real eco-luxe feel to them, managing to be both modern and completely timeless."

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United Kingdom

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"When my fiancée David presented me with my ring, I was overwhelmed. It is so beautiful: it actually makes me happy every day when I look at it!" - Laurie Beddows


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