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Ethical engagement and wedding rings handmade in a rural workshop

Who are we...

Kate started Glasswing Jewellery in Cornwall in 2005, making beautiful bespoke jewellery from sustainable, recycled and ethical materials. Dedicated to socially responsible, ethical sourcing and working practices, keeping environmental impact as low as possible.

Glasswing Jewellery was founded in West Cornwall by Kate Pearse, and recently relocated to a wonderful stone workshop in South Devon - with the Jurassic coast and the wilds of Dartmoor nearby for adventures and inspiration. 

Kate has been working with recycled precious metals for over 14 years. Glasswing's ever evolving range of contemporary gold and silver wedding rings and ethical gemstone jewellery, is made to order by Kate and her daughter, and a small team of skilled makers who have joined Glasswing as things have got busier. 

"I love clean lines and warm, organic textures, and enjoy working with my customers to create bespoke, one-of-a-kind, personal designs. I feel so honoured to work in this way, and particularly love that my jewellery becomes a small but intimate part of peoples' stories, to be worn close for decades, in turn becoming heirlooms of the future. I can sometimes incorporate gold or stones from couples'  family heirloom pieces, to create new, contemporary jewellery for them."

Glasswing specialises in sea glass engagement rings and jewellery, using sea glass found on the beaches of Devon, Cornwall and throughout the world, or by customers on a favourite beach, to have incorporated into their jewellery.

A very small selection is sometimes available for immediate dispatch. Handmade in the UK, delivered worldwide.

The jewellery trade isn't known for being 'green', but thankfully it's slowly changing. Being part of that change, only using recycled, fairtrade and ethical materials in my jewellery, causing as little environmental damage as possible, seems to me vital, and is central to what I do.

Glasswing Jewellery uses recycled and Fairtrade gold and silver, from eco-friendly bullion dealers here in the UK and the US. In 2015 I registered as a Fairtrade goldsmith, and now offer most designs in Fairtrade metals too.

I use recycled diamonds (arguably the ultimate conflict-free choice), and some new mined diamonds from responsible Canadian mines. Many are GIA certified, but I source ethical diamonds to suit most budgets.  

I source fully traceable, natural gemstones from a very small handful of trusted suppliers, who don't just pay lip service to the 'idea' of being ethical, but who can demonstrate transparent supply chains from the mines to my bench. Some own mines, and can tell me (and so you) where gems come from, ensuring conditions for mine workers, gem cutters and their families are fair, safe and environmentally sound. Most run, or are actively involved in projects to improve workers' lives.

Sometimes I use lovely old-cut gemstones from vintage jewellery, and certain lab-grown gems such as certified Moissanite.

The sea glass I use is mostly found by me, my family and our friends (many of whom have caught the sea glass hunting bug) or from individuals around the world who collect it on their local beaches. Sea glass is glass that has found its way into the sea and tumbled around in the waves, giving it a frosted appearance. By collecting it, you could say we're doing a little bit of good for the environment, particularly as we usually come home with pockets (sometimes buckets) full of plastic and other nasties for good measure. It can be cold and windy on the beach (and sometimes in the workshop too!) but otherwise, working conditions are pretty damn good and fair! All my jewellery is packaged and sent in recycled or sustainable packaging.

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Based in South Devon

Charlie Says...

"Kate’s been a long-standing member of our eco directory and she's been championing ethical jewellery for many years now. Her designs have a wonderful earthiness - just by looking at her jewellery, you can see how the rugged beauty of the Cornish countryside permeates her work."

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United Kingdom, Worldwide

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"Hi Kate, I just wanted to write to say thank you for getting the ring done and over to us in time. The weekend was lovely, and of course she said yes. We're both very happy with the ring. Thank you again!" - Richard, Derbyshire


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