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I’m Dan, as a jeweller it’s a real honour to be asked to make engagement and wedding rings. It’s great to know you are creating something that will hold huge emotional attachment, and all the more reason to make each piece with care and a sustainable approach.

Daniel Darby’s beautifully hand-crafted designs combine a modern aesthetic with timeless style. His ethical wedding and engagement rings take inspiration from vintage jewellery and art deco design, to create stunning streamlined pieces that can be worn day to day. In a style known as Modern Deco. 

Using traditional techniques, Daniel makes each piece in his home workshop in London. Hand engraving decorative elements and carving many designs from wax. Daniel is able to add tiny details and textures that’s give each piece an unmistakable character.

The aim is to create jewellery that will be treasured and stands the test of time.

This handmade approach is perfectly suited to bespoke wedding and engagement rings. The bespoke process allows Daniel to work closely with each customer taking time to create a piece that reflects a couple’s unique style and personality.

Passionate about the beautiful materials he uses, and conscious of the human and environmental cost that can result from mining them. Daniel only uses precious metals that are 100% recycled or Fairtrade certified. All gemstones are conflict free and wherever possible can be traced right back to a mine of origin that conforms to a strict set of ethical standards.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the harm that extracting natural resources from the earth causes to the environment and workers within the supply chain. This has led me to work towards minimising the impact of the materials and processes used in each stage of the production of my jewellery. From the point stones and metals are mined, to the packaging your finished jewellery arrives in. 

Since 2016 I have only used 100% recycled precious metals or Fairtrade Gold. All diamonds and gemstones are conflict free, and wherever possible I offer fully traceable diamonds from Canada and Australia and a range of traceable coloured gemstones.

Based in London, I hand-make each piece in my home workshop, where I have cut down the use of harmful chemicals, replacing many with natural alternatives. I also recycle, re-use and compost as much as possible. Your jewellery will arrive in packaging and stationary that is made from 100% recycled materials. 

I’m honest that there are no easy answers to complex problems. But my research in this area is ongoing, as I look for further ways to create a business that is as sustainable as possible.

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Based in the UK

Charlie Says...

I love Dan's unique 'modern deco' designs, they are so elegant and contemporary, but with a hint of the past. I'm delighted to be able to share these kinds of engagement and wedding ring designs made from ethically sourced metals and gems.

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United Kingdom, Worldwide

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"I’m made up! In love with my ring. Thanks so much Dan." - Kat, London, 2018

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