The Flower Garden at Stokesay Court

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Barney and Victoria, and our lovely team of gardeners and pickers. We love our work, growing as many as possible glorious garden flowers within the high brick walls of the old kitchen garden at Stokesay Court, in Shropshire.

In the beautiful old walled kitchen garden at Stokesay Court, outside Ludlow on the Shropshire/Herefordshire border with Wales, Barney and Victoria Martin grow glorious seasonal English flowers.

What sets us apart from other florists is our friendly, open and professional service: consultations over tea and fruit cake in the lovely scent-filled flower garden, and lots of support and time given to making sure the flowers we provide are just right for each special customer.  

We provide lovely flowers for weddings, and also supply our gorgeous flowers by the bucket to DIY brides.

We especially like to grow flowers with wonderful scents: syrupy sweet peas, spicy pinks, warm-smelling sweet Williams, fresh springlike narcissi, sugary peonies and richly delicious roses perfume the air from late spring to early autumn. We are always on the lookout for new and delectable varieties of our favourite standby blooms, so that we can offer our customers a palette of flowers that they just can't find elsewhere.

Give us a call or make an appointment to come to the garden – we’d love to meet you.

We like to work in harmony with the natural environment. Our soil is nourished with hefty applications of local manures and with our own compost, leaf mould and herbal 'teas' to get really luscious, healthy flowers. We use no electricity, we grow our own plant supports and we save our own seed. Real garden flowers, grown with loving care.

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Based in Shropshire

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Birmingham, Herefordshire, Mid Wales, North Wales, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire

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"You have left us lost for words once again, the flowers were just magnificent." - Alexa

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