Plant Based Kitchens

Natural, sustainable and organic vegan wedding catering

Who are we...

Plant Based Kitchens is a fully vegan catering company and a unique choice for your wedding with menus of natural, sustainable and organic options ranging from familiar favourites, sensational showstoppers and impactful innovations.

Plant Based Kitchens started with Hayley wanting to spread her love of cooking vegetables to as many people as possible. Working in restaurants that prioritize sustainability, regenerative farming and organic produce, she knew that this was the future of the industry and something that not many other caterers offer.

Now with her own catering business, she wants to lead by example by prioritizing sustainable practices and encouraging plant-based eating as standard. As a vegan of 7 years, she knows a little about vegan cuisine and prides herself in making food that is inclusive and delicious.

Hayley, along with her team of vegetable enthusiasts offer many catering services across all events including weddings, special events, dinner parties and regular supper clubs.

Our products:

  • Reputable suppliers that follow at least one of these criteria: local, regenerative, organic.
  • High quality food that will not deteriorate and minimise waste.
  • Options of no ultra-processed foods.
  • Most of our products are made in house from scratch with minimal additives or chemicals.
  • Minimising water (crops vs animal agriculture).
  • No unnatural hormones, antibiotics, micro plastics that can be found in animal products.
  • No animal suffering.

Sustainability practices:

  • Minimising food and packaging waste.
  • Using biodegradable or recyclable products where suitable including packaging, kitchen roll etc.
  • Avoiding harmful plastics and other materials wherever possible including clingfilm, aluminium foil, etc.
  • Using more ecological products when cleaning.

We Supply...

Kent, London and surrounding areas

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