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Luxurious wedding headpieces crafted from upcycled and vintage fabrics

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I’m Lynsey The ECO Milliner a sustainable Headpiece designer. I handcraft luxury Bridal & occasion hair accessories. I help women embrace individuality who want a unique headpiece that fits their ethical values. I would love to connect & look forward to hearing from you.

Are you tired of the same old bridal accessories? Feeling lost in a sea of sameness?

Let me introduce you to Folly London, where uniqueness is not just a choice but a lifestyle. I’m Lynsey, the heart and soul behind every creation you see. As owner, creative director and maker, I pour my rebellious spirit into every headpiece.

Where rebellion meets elegance, headpieces aren’t just accessories but bold statements of individuality, inspired by icons like Princess Margaret, Vivienne Westwood, Helena Bonham Carter and Paloma Faith, each piece tells a tale of unconventional charm and timeless grace.

I am on a mission to empower women and brides to feel confident and look fabulous at a wedding or special occasion while keeping to their eco-conscious values by finding the perfect high-quality, luxurious hat, headband or hair accessory.

At Folly London, I am rewriting the rules of millinery fashion. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it is my ethos. Each piece is a testament to my commitment, crafted using pre-existing, upcycled and vintage fabrics. Every hat, fascinator and headpiece is a one-off, never to be replicated. Perfect for any occasion, whether you’re a bride, attending a wedding or heading to the races, my headwear is designed to make a statement and complement your style effortlessly.

You can even embrace the beauty of our headwear for those one-off occasions with our rental scheme, reducing waste, whilst looking fabulous, returning the piece to continue its journey with someone else.

At Folly London Millinery, I am deeply committed to sustainability, environmental and social responsibility, recognising the fashion industry’s impact on the planet and our communities.

The whole ethos of Folly London is disrupting and pioneering an ethical way forward for British Millinery fashion, by designing unique pieces, using surplus, preloved and vintage fabrics. Creating limited edition luxurious statement hats, headbands and hair accessories, that can be purchased or through a rental scheme to counteract those one-off occasions where a hat is required, at a wedding or the races.

Choosing a sustainable headpiece is not just a fashion decision; it’s a conscious choice to support ethical practices and contribute to a better world. By opting for a piece crafted with care for the environment and ethical values, individuals become active participants in a movement that empowers artisans, reduces waste and advocates for a more sustainable future.

“… It was an opportunity to have a gorgeous headband made by the very talented eco milliner Lynsey @follylondonmillinery – I had a rough idea of what I wanted and Lynsey created some gorgeous drawings and designed my headband – it was made from upcycled fabric with sustainable techniques. And I can post it back to her to adorn another head at a new event! Check out Lynsey’s rental options … no more once-used hats and fascinators lying unloved in boxes!” – Gill @theflowerfoxstudio

“I honestly cannot recommend Lynsey enough! She works sustainably, upcycling materials for all her pieces and the service was second to none from start to finish!” – Kelly @wildflower_and_willow

“Folly London created a beautiful bespoke headpiece for me to wear to Royal Ascot. I had some leftover fabric from having my dress altered and Folly London used this to make a matching headpiece. The headband was secure all day and comfortable to wear, I will definitely be back for more!” – Evie

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