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Home-crafted yurts hidden away amongst rolling Dordogne countryside

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Hi we're Wendy and Matt, we provide glamping honeymoons nestled in the rolling hills of the French north west Dordogne countryside in our handmade eco yurts.

Three home-crafted yurts hidden away amongst rolling Dordogne countryside. Your own secluded spot with private outdoor kitchen with decked terrace & your own solar powered bathroom & compost loo. Each one is beautifully finished & furnished with recycled or reclaimed materials & furniture.

We believe that many (not all) of the environmental problems that we face have practical hands on solutions within easy reach of most people if the will is there to make a difference.  We know only too well that it’s not always practical or easy or financially viable to live the way we aspire to but we hope that by setting up the yurts in the way that we have we are making things much easier for you to have a low impact holiday.

For instance – the hot water for the shower is sufficient if you wash and use the water prudently but not if you stand under a torrent, contemplating your navel!  We deliberately don’t supply mains electricity because it is not needed.  We are enthusiastic about human waste because it is not waste – it is a useful fertiliser if treated properly.  None of our methods are new or ground breaking but just good old fashioned common sense.  We have pigs to recycle food waste but they also clear the ground beautifully for tree planting.

Our hope is that when people leave they will take with them simple, practical solutions that they can apply to their own lives at home (not necessarily buying pigs or building compost toilets, although that would be great!)  We want people to think a little bit more about the day to day impact of their actions.

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Located in the Dordogne, France

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"We had such an amazing time here. The view is absolutely breathtaking. The quietness and nature took us to a completely different level of relaxation. We melted into the green nature and loved the feeling. Thanks to Wendy and Matt for having us and making our stay so memorable." - Kelvin and Viv

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