Blooming Green

Bespoke hen party workshops at our flower plot. Pick-your-own flowers, make a floral crown or learn how to make a hand-tied bouquet then enjoy a picnic surrounded by flowers. We can offer gorgeous homemade refreshments and apple juice from the farm.

Seasonality…There are many ways you can make your choices greener, like opting for seasonal flowers.

Peat-free compost…Peat is being extracted far faster than it’s being replaced – it’s not a renewable resource in our lifetime. And the wildlife that depends upon it suffers. Blooming Green use a lot of compost for mulching, which has been made from your garden waste.

Bees and insects…Imagine a different future, in which our towns and countryside are rich in colourful wildflowers and teeming with bees and other insects.

Compostable packaging...Our bouquets are wrapped in home compostable packaging.

Recycled and reusable vases...Floristry can be extremely wasteful when using lots of plastics and non-biodegradable foams. We prefer using kilner jars and turning the humble catering tin into a funky vase.

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