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Award winning edible flowers, herbs, leaves and foragings to decorate wedding cakes

Who are we...

Jan and Stuart uprooted their family in 2002 to move to Devon as a direct result of watching far too many episodes of ‘Escape to River Cottage’! The lifestyle change after more than a decade of living and working in London was literally a breathe of fresh air and Jan set about establishing Maddocks Farm Organics.

Maddocks Farm Organics produces edible flowers, leaves, herbs and wild foragings for wedding cake decoration.

Based in Devon we are the only organic licensed edible flower specialists in the UK.

We can offer a selection of seasonal organic edible flowers or just one particular variety if you wish. We pick boxes to order so you can choose the colour, style and size of your flowers and we will do our best to comply as long as they are available.

The website shop is set out on a month by month basis so you can see what is available when. On the home page of the website, in the top right hand corner, is a link to our Pinterest pages. There is a page dedicated to each type of flower on there with details of when they are in season. The individual flower varieties in our shop also give a guidance as to when they are in season.


Edible flowers are something that can’t be washed or peeled to remove any chemical residue. Commerial flowers from florists, supermarkets and garden centers are sprayed with chemicals unfit for human consumption and cannot be eaten.

Growing organic edible flowers is about so much more than simply removing chemicals from the growing process or meeting the strict standards of the Soil Association. It is about developing an understanding of the plants that we grow; working with the seasons; improving the soil structure and letting plants mature at a pace which allows their full flavour, colours and perfume to develop.

Our electricity comes from photovoltaic cells on the barn roof. Our water comes from a natural spring and is sterilised using UV filters so no chemicals,  even chlorine are present. Our  waste water is filter through a natural reed bed system. Our edible flower packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. This means our carbon footprint is almost negligible. No other edible flower specialist goes to these lengths to have such a green organic business.

Charlie Says...

“Jan has so much passion for her edible flowers. She’s constantly dreaming up innovative ways for them to be used and she’s also full of helpful advice.”

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