TNWC Real Brides: Vicky's gold glitter and sequin wedding cake and bar signs // The Natural Wedding Company

If you are reading this on Thursday, I will be playing with spring blossom at a flower crown workshop by Catkin – you can join in by following me on Snapchat (anaturalwedding) where I plan to share some pictures and maybe even a video or two of what I am up to. More pictures will follow on Instagram and Facebook.

But in the meantime, I have some gold glittery love for you all (even us natural brides often can’t say no to a splash of gold glitter can we?) with some handmade picks from TNWC Real Bride Vicky. She got married last summer but we are only just catching up with the final few bits of her homemade wedding.

You can find all her previous posts here, which include some fab DIY projects and ideas. Over to Vicky…

While I loved planning the wedding I have to admit that by being maybe a bit too organised I found the last couple of months leading up to it, dare I say it, dull! I just wanted the day to arrive.

Initially there was lots to plan and make and decide and then I hit this lull. I really wanted to get on and do things but realistically I couldn’t because everything that was left was last minute things.

Everything was piled up waiting in the spare bedroom – or ‘Wedding HQ’ as it became for the year. Even the confetti bags had been made and boxed up. Like most churches we could only use natural confetti which suited us fine so we had bought a lot of natural flower petals and popped them into bags ready for our page boy to hand out.

Flower petal confetti and gold glitter tape // The Natural Wedding Company

It was during this lull that I decided it was best to stay off websites and Pinterest, as the temptation to do and make more and more things was too great.

I did cave in and make a glitter cake sign…

DIY gold glitter wedding cake sign // The Natural Wedding Company

A sequin bar sign…

DIY gold sequin bar sign // The Natural Wedding Company

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TNWC Real Brides: Vicky's homemade pallet bar and giant polaroid photobooth, and a DIY illuminated letters

We’re back with TNWC Real Bride Vicky today, catching up with the final details she created for her wedding. Having a super handy Mr, they put their skills to use with wood and metal and paint creating all manner of fab wedding things. And that bar – definitely a keeper for the garden post-wedding I reckon!

Over to Vicky…

The handy thing about having a fiancé who is a builder is that you can talk them into making a lot of the things you’ve seen on websites. They have all the tools, know people who can get them things and various mates who can wire things up. It’s very very handy!

Homemade rustic wedding signs // The Natural Wedding Company

On my wish list were – a bar, various signs, big letters spelling out ‘wedding’, a photo booth of some sort, a giant frame to hang photos from and an illuminated “S” and “V”. Steve rather sweetly agreed to all of these things.

The best thing he made were definitely the illuminated letters. We scoured the internet for ideas on how to make them and had no luck, meaning that we had to muddle through on our own. After we made them, another brilliant illuminated letter DIY appeared on this blog from another TNWC groom – if only we’d waited! Like Jon, our only worry was where on earth they’ll go after the wedding – they are massive!

DIY giant illuminated wedding letters // The Natural Wedding Company

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Izzy Burton illustration

Just like TNWC Real Bride Emma last week, Nik has only a few weeks to go until her wedding. Her and Mr-to-be Chris have been busy over the past few months with lots of DIY projects for their coastal farm wedding in Wales, and nothing has changed for this creative duo in these final few weeks before their big day.

Today Nik’s got a fab round-up of what they’ve been up to recently, including a lovely reveal of their beautifully restored VW Beetle, making a wedding swing, and some ‘before’ pictures of the barn that will host their wedding reception.

Over to Nik…

Sea view

The farm is abuzz with life at the moment – not only have the flowers and trees begun to burst forth with summer colour to brighten the place up, but we too are frantically whizzing around doing odd jobs, trimming and pruning, clearing and tidying and generally making preparations for our wedding day on the 11th July.

There’s been so much going on it’s impossible for me to pick just one topic to write about this month, so I thought I’d share a few of the projects we’ve been getting on with.

Reg Returns!

One of the most exciting parts of our wedding day is the fact that Reginald, our vintage VW Beetle, gets to act as wedding car.

Chris has owned him for over 10 years (longer than he’s known me!).  One of my earliest memories of Chris is seeing him get out of Reg in a car park and thinking ‘ooh, nice car…hang on… nice owner!’  Unfortunately, when we first got engaged, Reg was rather looking his age after a few years in a damp garage and was in desperate need of a Gok Wan style makeover.

VW Beetle pre restoration

We sent him off to the paint shop for some TLC and he has come back looking pretty fabulous indeed!

'Reg' the VW Beetle restored ready to be a wedding car

I’m so looking forward to cruising down the winding lanes towards the sea after our ceremony, with tin cans rattling behind us and our ‘Just Married’ sign in the window!

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Izzy Burton illustration

It’s so nice to be back today with another TNWC Real Bride instalment from the lovely Emma. She has less than three weeks to go until her wedding!  I’m so excited for her.  If you’re new to the feature, you can read all of Emma’s blog posts here and this fab guest post she wrote all about bridal beauty.

Over to Emma…

Rustic painted wedding signs

With less than three weeks to go I am getting butterflies and bubbles of excitement.  We have nearly completed the ;to do’ list and the DIY attempts have been continuing late into the evenings.

In the last few days I have been making pretty labels for our favours, which are wildflower seeds for butterflies and bees.  I bought some little brown recycled envelopes last year, which have been nestled in the loft waiting to be decorated.  For ages I wanted to make a lino cut to hand print each envelope, but time got away and I found a great alternative that is way less messy; some cute little oval labels from Avery, which are made from 100% recycled paper too.

There is free template software included online, which was very easy to use – I made my design in Photoshop then just copied and pasted into the template ready to print.

Homemade brown paper wedding favour labels

Chris is filling these little envelopes each with a tablespoon of wild flower seeds as I write this!

Brown paper wildflower seed favour envelopes

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Chalk board arrow with recycled sari ribbon

Occasionally I like to share some of my Favourite Finds on the blog, but I’m quite picky about what I think is worth sharing – I want to make sure it’s something I think you’ll really like.  These chalk boards (they come in an arrow shape and a square) from Nkuku – one of my favourite online shops – are affordable, come from a company that has an ethical sourcing policy, and the hanging ties are made from recycled Sari’s.

Square blackboard

Plus, they would be perfect for wedding signs if you don’t have the time nor inclination to make your own from wood and blackboard paint.  I feel that buying items like this for your wedding is a worthwhile investment (if you are only after a few) because they have so many future uses around your home – blackboards are always useful whether it’s for writing down your shopping list or just leaving each other sweet messages.

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It feels like a while since I posted the last installment of our wedding, and I feel rather ashamed that I’m taking so long and dragging it out – you all must be bored of hearing about it by now.  If readers, you’d like it shorter and snappier, please tell me.

One of the loveliest parts of our wedding, is that my parents house (where we had afternoon tea and the reception would be held) is at the end of the church path.  This meant, everyone could walk, myself included – no fancy vintage cars frothy with ribbons or stretch limos for me.

Thankfully the weather had been dry the week before our wedding, so my dad had mown a path from the back of their garden across the corner of the field and to the church path.

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What better way to guide your friends and family to your wedding ceremony or reception (or to the summer cocktails!) than with a simple, homemade sign.  There are some fantastic ideas for wedding signs out there, from old planks of wood casually painted, to those painted soft vintage pastels with the text in elegant black lettering.  This is my version which is perfect for popping on a table rather than staking in the ground: perhaps you could write your wedding menu on it, or a fun message to your guests.


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