DIY masking tape magnets

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!  It’s been a while since I posted a New Wives Club feature, I’m really sorry about that but I do try to find ideas to share that I really love rather than any old crafting project – and as such, I don’t always find enough to do one a week at the moment.

Colourful masking tape (also know as washi tape) – don’t you just love it?  What a wonderful invention, taking some that’s practical and mainly used by boys for DIY and transforming it into something so pretty.  I recently bought myself a pack which contained a couple of different block colours, but there are so many designs out there with all kinds of patterns, spots, florals and so on that I would like to get a few more.

I must admit though, they are one of those things I find myself collecting and then wondering what I’m going to do with them.  Well here’s one thing you could do with those lovely rolls of masking tape – turn them into magnets!  My fridge is in desperate needs of being covered with some photos but I don’t have any magnets that I like…perhaps this is the solution?

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cheerful and fun fete wedding cake with bunting

The last few wedding cakes featured on my Cake Love blog posts have been quite elegant, so I thought it was time for something a bit more light-hearted and fun.  This cheerfully decorated wedding cake is all about the tiny bunting that is wrapped around it – I can already imagine a couple of ways to create it at home – my first thoughts being punched paper circles folded over sewing thread and stuck in place.

fun festival inspired wedding cake with bunting

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washi tape bunting

Over the weekend Mr Rigg and I have been decorating our living room (the largest room in our house, two small cottage rooms knocked through to one) – a far step from the glamorous world of weddings.  I have been using copious amounts of masking tape to cover up plug sockets and light switches and it inspired me to share with you ideas on what to do with the pretty version of making tape, known as washi tape.

It comes in all different colours and styles and there are lots of fun and creative ideas out there for how to use it.  I think next time I’m we decorate I’m going to buy washi tape and use that instead of boring old cream coloured masking tape – can’t you just see all my light switches covered up with some of this…

craft inspiration washi tape

So here are my favourite finds on how to use washi tape…

Bottles and jam jars sprayed white then decorated with colourful washi tape – these would make pretty vases for your wedding tables or just to hold flowers around your house.

washi tape decorated vases

Washi tape cake flags – simply made by wrapping washing tape around wooden cocktail sticks or skewers, I love them when there’s a group of them all different heights and coloured flags.

washi tape cupcake flags

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