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Today we have the lovely Nik from Little House in Town back with us to share the next stage in her wedding adventure.  If you haven’t already read her introduction guest post about her plans for a relaxed coastal farm wedding then do take a look.

Nik has recently taken up The Wartime Wardrobe Challenge which is a year long ethical clothes rationing project, designed to make those taking part think about how we use our clothes and where they come from.  As such, she is ‘rationed’ on how many items of clothes she can buy for the year, which as you can imagine could prove tricky when you are on the hunt for a wedding dress!

Over to Nik to tell us more…

Choosing an ethical wedding dress: from dream to reality

Looking at my reflection in the Coast fitting room mirror, I suddenly became aware that everyone around me had gone very silent.  Turning around to face my mum and two bridesmaids, I was met with a sea of beaming smiles.

“That’s it,” said my mum.  “That’s the one.”

I’d found my wedding dress.

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Izzy Burton illustration

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that this week I am introducing you to the first of my TNWC Real Brides who’ll be blogging their weddings here.  On Tuesday we welcomed the first bride-to-be, Emma, who is getting married in Cornwall with a outdoors festival vibe – if you missed reading about her wedding plans check out her first blog post here.

Today I have my second lovely bride-to-be who is going to introduce herself and some of her wedding plans.  This lovely lady is Nik who writes her own blog Little House in Town and who was our competition winner last year for the cut flower arranging course.  I got to meet Nik on that course and have become good friends with her, so I was delighted to learn that she got engaged over Christmas!

Over to Nik to tell you more about her wedding day plans…

Nik + Chris: 11th July 2013, Wales

When Charlie announced she was looking for ‘real brides’ to feature on TNWC, my stomach knotted with jealousy.  You see, I’ve been a big follower of TNWC for years, soaking up all the incredible rustic and eco-friendly inspiration and storing it deep in the recesses of my mind in preparation for my ‘big day’.  There was one flaw in my planning – I wasn’t engaged.  And if you’re not engaged, you can’t blog about your wedding planning, no matter how much of it you’ve done mentally.

So, when Chris pulled out a beautiful Rust engagement ring as we strolled along my favourite Pembrokeshire beach on Christmas day, my elation was for more reasons than one.  I could apply to be a TNWC bride!  Woohoo!

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