A snowy bleak mid-winter wedding inspired shoot with shepherds hut and a seasonal hedgerow bouquet // Photography Jennie Hill Photography // The Natural Wedding Company

A snowy bleak mid winter wedding inspired shoot

A few years ago on an incredible snowing January day, a little group of us braved the icy roads in Dorset to put together this beautiful wintry shoot. The shoot was featured on Love My Dress and as such for one reason or another I never got round to featuring it here, on my own blog. So here it is!

Exquisitely captured by Jennie Hill Photography, seasonal winter wedding flowers by The Flower Field, wedding pies by Tricky Treats, a Sabina Motasem wedding dress (plus a vintage one), and shot at Portesham Vineyard. All the extra bits were brought together by myself and Jennie Hill, and our bride and groom were a real couple, Jennie”s brother Nick and girlfriend Kerry.

A snowy bleak mid-winter wedding inspired shoot with shepherds hut and a seasonal hedgerow bouquet // Photography Jennie Hill Photography // The Natural Wedding Company

Logs and blankets for a snowy shepherds hut shoot // Photography Jennie Hill Photography // The Natural Wedding Company

Snowy winter wedding table inspiration // Photography Jennie Hill Photography // The Natural Wedding Company

Natural beauty // Photography Jennie Hill Photography // The Natural Wedding Company

Seasonal winter bouquet with ferns and anemones // Photography Jennie Hill Photography // The Natural Wedding Company

Snowy winter wedding inspiration // Photography Jennie Hill Photography // The Natural Wedding Company

The photoshoot team

Jennie Hill and I first met at the Eco Wedding Fair in Bristol, got chatting and soon realised we had shared ideas about creating a beautiful, natural and seasonal wedding shoot. We wanted to celebrate the bleak mid-winter English countryside in all its seasonal glory, whilst bringing together and showcasing the talents of a small team of British businesses.

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Izzy Burton illustration

Another Tuesday rolls around and I have another lovely guest blog from a TNWC Real Bride. Today Caroline who is planning an eco-friendly farm wedding is sharing her delicious sounding plans for a picnic style wedding lunch, foodie wedding favours and a pork pie wedding cake.  Yum yum!

I’d advise reading this while munching a biscuit or your own lunch or you are likely to feel extremely hungry by the end of it…you’ve been warned!

Eleven weeks to go, and the lists are getting longer, hours spend asleep are getting shorter (I keep waking up in the middle of the night remembering things I have to do – it is SUCH a good idea to have a pen and paper next to the bed to write them down!).  And the spare room is getting fuller and fuller of wedding related paraphernalia!

I thought that for this months blog post, I’d share our food plans with you, as planning and organising that bit is proving to be heaps of fun, and I think one of the most enjoyable and important parts of our day.

Gareth and I are both big foodies, and we try to buy locally wherever we can, and having a picnic lunch is a brilliant way to be able to use local suppliers and get to know lovely local food producers in our area.  It’s also a fab way to make sure the foods amazing, even on a limited budget!

Picnic Wedding Menu

So far for our menu we’ve decided on:

Sourdough and olive bread from Welbeck Bakery, ham and smoked salmon pate from The Country Victualler, lots of homemade chutney from my lovely friend Jo, bags of Pipers Crisps, cheeses from Long Clawson Dairy (Thomas Hoe Red Leicester and Stilton), Lincolnshire poacher cheeseMike Maloneys pork pies, salads made by my brilliant big sister (we haven’t decided quite what salads yet though!), houmous, grapes, apples and celery.

I’m sure there will be a few extras added too though, and we have a lovely farm shop just down the road who I’m sure will be having lot of last minute visits from us!

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Apple pie with heart shaped pastry decoration

Now you might be expecting the next of my TNWC Real Brides this morning, but due to my sister’s Uni workload this week she hasn’t been able to finish the lovely illustration that accompanies each blog post.  Instead, I will feature my next TNWC Real Bride tomorrow morning, so do check back!

I have been admittedly quite quiet on the blog this past week with regards to Valentine’s Day. There is so much out there in the way of ideas and inspiration, and if I’m quite honest we don’t really celebrate it in our house.

Heart shaped apple pie

I have been bombarded for the past couple of weeks with everything Valentine’s related, and I find it can get quite overwhelming this pressure to buy your loved one a token of your affection.  Does anyone else feel like that?  With everything so freely shared online, I then end up feeling a bit guilty that I didn’t do something as you see everyone else sharing their gestures of love and affection.

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Jodie and James' epic weekend wedding

Epic weekend wedding with handmade details

Today I have an incredible real wedding.  It is utterly epic (I don’t use words like that often) and it’s not short on beautiful ideas and inspiration if that’s what you’re looking for.  I’ve even broken it down into headings because there is so much to share with you!

Richard Rayner Photography

Richard Rayner Photography

Jodie and James got married on 15th September 2012 and spent the whole weekend celebrating with their family and friends.  Jodie has kindly told me so much about their incredible weekend celebration, and I am sure that many of you brides-to-be will find lots of helpful snippets throughout from Jodie and James’ experience.

Tiered sponge wedding cake with berries

Jodie and James' wedding

Without further ado, I’ll hand you over to the lovely Jodie to tell you all about their epic wedding weekend…

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Christmas wedding dessert table

It is increasingly popular at weddings to have a whole table of cakes or desserts rather than a single traditional tiered wedding cake; I had my own with cakes made by our wedding guests, and recently I shared this beautiful new wedding dessert table service from TNWC business And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon.

Well, Anna and her team from And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon are back with a festive version, ideal for a winter wedding or Christmas wedding – I was instantly in-love with this dreamy display of cakes, pies, and desserts.  All of them are handmade at their bakery in Manchester and they even come and style the table for you, so it looks this beautiful.

I’m going to be taking inspiration from this for my Christmas celebrations!

Heirloom style winter wedding dessert table

Anna told me a bit more about this festive cake service: “We wanted to take our standard dessert tables and add a festive twist – if you have a winter wedding we can offer a spread that is delicious and decadent in equal measure!  You can treat your friends and family to a range of treats, from delicious mince pies made with our own homemade mincemeat recipe, to the very decadent pear and whiskey tart, or pecan and bourbon brownies.”

Mini wedding pies

Winter wedding desserts

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Pork pie wedding cake with ivy and crab apples

Wedding cakes don’t need to be sweet.  Fact.  There are beautiful cheese alternatives, and also some stunners made from pork pies – and what could be more autumnal than a stack of pork pies decorated with ivy and crab apples?  I’ve featured an aptly named giganotosarus pork pie wedding cake before, but it was a bit intimidating for the amateur DIY bride (I personally wouldn’t attempt something like it!).

This one’s a bit more possible, with a simple tiered affect with pork pies of decreasing size.  I love the ivy wound around the cake stand and the big piles of crab apples and berries at the bottom, plus, who can resist a Lego bride and groom cake topper?

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Wedding pies with handmade brown card signs

I hope none of my regular readers are dying of bordeom at the amount of times I share my love for brown card and paper.  It does sound a pretty silly thing to love, but I won’t apologise – I think it’s lovely and can be used in so many creative ways for weddings and just life in general.

I thought this image would provide inspiration for a number of my brides-to-be who share my love of brown card as these little signs look like a fab not-too-difficult handmade wedding project.  Pies at weddings is quite an American trend, but whether you are having a table of cakes or fruit pies at your wedding, signs to tell their flavour are essential.

How I’d make them…

If I was going to recreate these brown card signs (and I think I will be finding an excuse to make them!) I would first draw out my banner shape onto card to create a template which I can draw multiple banners around – I’d probably recycled a cereal box as the card thickness seems to be great for templates.

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