Vintage sheet curtains

Recently I ventured into the world of curtain making – albeit a very simple one to hide the dishwasher in our kitchen.  In searching for ideas of how I might make it, I came across some fun alternatives and cheat style ways of making curtains – I particularly loved an idea for using tea towels as curtains but they weren’t quite long enough to cover the dishwasher.

When I saw these pretty curtains made from a patchwork of vintage sheets I knew they were perfect for sharing on the New Wives Club.  I am convinced that you’re sewing skills far surpass my own (gone are the days at school when I was the quickest at threading a needle and setting up a sewing machine!) so I’m sure that making some curtains like this would be within the realms of a number of you.

Homemade patchwork curtains

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Mosaic flowerpot

I’ve seen that with the new year has come a flood of new visitors, so if you’re one of those who’ve just found my blog and website welcome!  If you’ve stumbled across this post and are wondering what this has got to do with weddings, well every Sunday I try and share some craft inspiration for your home or garden.

This special Sunday feature is called the New Wives Club and was originally designed for my readers who’ve recently got married but still love creating a handmade home.  But you don’t have to be married to enjoy these posts – they are for anyone who likes crafting bits and bobs for their home and garden, so do check out my previous blog posts under this feature.

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Greenery and candle Christmas chandelier

This natural and simple looking Christmas decor is exactly the kind that I love – made from just a few ordinary items, yet beautiful when finished.  Whilst this lovely festive candle chandelier doesn’t come with ‘how to’ instructions, I thought I’d share my thoughts on how I’d recreate something similar – and if you have any tips (perhaps you’ve made something similar) then do leave you advice in the comments box below.

Candle chandelier ‘how to’

For the simplest version, I’d simply create two circlets of different sizes from wire – I’d make sure to choose fairly robust wire and to wind it round a couple of times to ensure it wasn’t too flimsy. Next I’d take my fir boughs or other greenery and using thin wire twist them into place around the wire circles.

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Homademade boxwood wreaths

This year there are some seriously beautiful Christmas wreaths for your front door (if you haven’t got yours yet and fancy a discount then check out these wreaths), but why not bring a little bit of that indoors?  I love this idea for making indoor wreath decorations to hang inside, perhaps in your windows.

DIY boxwood Christmas wreaths

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Vintage doily snowflakes

I’m super excited about sharing this week’s New Wives Club find with you because I think it’s pretty neat and that you’ll love it.  As we are now into the second day of December I figure I can start talking about Christmas more – I am one of those firm supporters of the ‘keep Christmas in December’ campaign!

Vintage doilies

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Blackboard jam jar containers

Are you, like me, of the school era when blackboards went out and whiteboards came in?  Do you remember thinking that those new fangled whiteboards were pretty cool and modern?  Isn’t it funny when you then reach an age (now) when you realise that blackboards are the cooler of the two.

I’ve bought myself a couple of blackboards from Baileys Home & Garden (if you are ever near Ross-on-Wye you must drop in!) and have a few others scavanged from carboot sales, certainly for wedding fair stalls they are invaluable and quite sweet for doing signs.  I even used giant homemade ones for our wedding to display the afternoon tea menu.

Paint jam jar lids with blackboard paint

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Embroidery hoop wedding decoration

I came across this idea today and think it’s a lovely way to decorate your wedding venue – especially if you have a lot of dull wall space to cheer up.  The couple used embroidery hoops of varying sizes and done in different styles, with a piece of colourful ribbon to hang them from the windows of their wedding venue.

Embroidery hoop artwork has been quite trendy this year, with lots of Etsy sellers bringing us gorgeous designs (just search for embroidery hoop), and after your wedding would look equally beautiful in your own home.  If there’s too many, you could always give them out as gifts to family and friends who helped with your wedding.

Crochet and fabric embroidery hoop artwork

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