heirloom inspired wedding dresses

Were you one of those little girls who dreamt of living in a different era?  I was.  For a long time I desperately wanted my parents to buy a cottage in the middle of nowhere, and I would wear Little House on the Prairie style dresses and a pinny, and wander round with a chicken under my arm.  At least that’s what I dreamt of.

I’ve always loved period dramas, from Pride and Prejudice to Little Women I loved them all and dreamt of wearing those beautiful dresses.  I think your wedding day is one of the only days that as an average woman you get to live out a little bit of those dreams and wear a stunning dress – a dress that makes you feel inside how you used to feel imagining you were one of those girls from days-gone-by.

period inspired wedding dresses

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Edwardian style lace wedding dress

I think the Edwardian era must be my favourite when it comes to wedding dresses, or at least the early period of the 1900s.  This blog post is purely self-indulgent because I just love this dress and wanted to share it in all its loveliness.  I love my wedding dress but how much do I wish I could wear this one!

1910 inspired tiered lace wedding dress

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Now I appreciate that these wedding dresses are not within everyone’s budget, but I thought they were too beautiful not to share with you – if only for eye candy or inspiration.  These dresses are inspired by vintage wedding dresses and are covered in antique lace from England and France.

I love that for vintage wedding dresses, which are so often from the 1950’s, these are inspired by the 1900’s instead.  Bring on the real old school glamour I say – I think I must be a real romantic at heart.  I knew I always had a soft spot for a period drama.

These two dresses (on the left ‘Maimuna‘ on the right ‘Helen‘) are from Charlotte Casadéjus.

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