Pork pie and cheese wedding cake

I have been overwhelmed by a stack of beautiful wedding cake pictures for my Cake Love feature, so picking today’s has been difficult.  Anyway, after much umming and aahing I’ve settled for this magnificent ‘cake’ of pork pies, cheese, and a fruit cake.  Wow.  And all made by a mommy (I must note here that I am not American, I am English, but spent a couple of years living in America when I was younger and my mum decided she preferred being a mom, so that’s the tale behind that one).

Back to cake – this cake it just beyond words really and speaks for itself.  Not only did was this cake homemade, you’ll notice the pies have quotes on them written in pastry, and in the middle is a small piece of a tree branch bearing the couples initials.  Never underestimate the baking and crafting skills of family and friends!

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Wedding cake of mini goat's cheese towers entwined with fresh herbs

It is no secret in my family that I love cheese.  I could live on cheese if given half a chance.  So the idea of a wedding cake made entirely from cheese sounds deeply appealing.

What I love about this particular ‘cheese’ cake is that it is a tower of individual cheeses, rather than the cheese rounds stacked on top of each other.

The added touch of herbs and flowers sneaked between the cheeses gives this wedding cake a lovely rustic feel.

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