Bundt wedding cake tower dusted with sugar and wreathed with summer berries

I’m almost not sure how to follow last week’s beautiful strawberry and herb wedding cake, it was just perfect for a summer wedding.  Following on the summery theme, I really loved this cake for its unusual tower of bundt cakes.

My knowledge of bundt cakes is that you make them in a special cake tin which creates this lovely, curvy ring shape and they are quite dense but rather tasty.  I love the idea of using different sized bundt tins to create a wedding cake tower.

Simply decorated with some dusted sugar and a ring of summer berries, the sweet cake topper is a great way to ensure this cake is definitely a wedding cake and not just for a weekend celebration.

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Pink frilly wedding cake with Sylvanian Families cake topper

This wedding cake is everything the title says.  It is pink, and very frilly.  Therefore that makes it outrageous in my books.  It is also topped off with a very cute Sylvanian families bride and groom rabbit couple.

If you’re a regular blog reader you might know that I have a soft spot for childhood memories / books / toys and for me, one of those toys that I utterly adored were Sylvanian families.  I only wish that I had thought to top one of our wedding cakes (we had a cake table) with Sylvanian families bride and groom rabbits!

I’ve previously featured another very lovely wedding cake where the couple used Sylvanians for the cake topper, so I hope that this isn’t the last one I’ll see.

Aren’t they cute!

Sylvanian Families rabbit bride and groom wedding cake topper

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Wild and natural cheese wedding cake tower with garden grown herbs and willow cake topper

I didn’t last long did I before I returned to a wedding cake covered in flowers, although in my defence this isn’t a sweet wedding cake – instead it’s a tiered tower of scrumptious cheeses.

Spotted over on a rather lovely wedding on Love My Dress that was featured recently, this cheese wedding cake is mounted on a tree trunk stand and covered in herbs, lavender and gypsophila.  If you go and have a look at the full wedding, a locally sourced homegrown flower affair (which you should!), you’ll discover that the bride’s mother grew and arranged all of the wedding flowers, including decorating this cheese tower.  What a mum!

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Modern geometric pattern wedding cake with heart cake topper

I am at risk of going flower mad for wedding cakes, I think it’s all our gardens and hedgerows bursting into bloom that has got me mad for flowers all over again.  So today I wanted to provide some pretty inspiration for those who don’t want flowers stuck all over their wedding cake.

This tall wedding cake is both modern and quirky with it’s geometric pattern decorating the sides and its funky angular heart cake topper.  I particularly love the colour palette of this wedding cake, they are really pretty shades of pink, blue and that yellowy gold.

My only query with this cake is – how on earth to do you cut it up??  Surely you would end up with very thin tall slices for everyone – perhaps you have multiple layers of cake and buttercream hidden beneath the icing outer, that way you can cut it into small chunks and ensure that everyone gets a tasty mouthful!

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Wedding cake decorated with garden flowers and a china figurine cake topper

I’m sure by now everyone in England is living in hope that this warm, sunny weather will last a few more days, at least over the bank holiday – fingers-crossed!  Yesterday was May Day although with the delayed growth it doesn’t feel like we can really be into May already.  It was also my husband’s birthday yesterday, so I can always remember what we did year to year, and a few years ago we’d had a lovely birthday picnic amongst the bluebells – of which there is no sight of yet.

What could be prettier than a wedding cake decorated with white, pale green and soft blue flowers?  I am a big fan of scabious and love these powder blue ones on this cake.  I’ve also spotted a few frothy heads of ammi or Queen’s Anne lace, which have that cow parsley-esque feel to them and will always be popular on this blog.

I like how the cake is finished off with a dusky gold small tier, and I’m even endeared by the china figurine cake topper – the kind you see on your granny’s mantelpiece – it fits well with the wedding cake and is a sweet touch.

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Victoria sponge wedding cake with 'owl and the pussycat' cake topper

This wedding cake is absolutely genius!  It’s almost all of my favourite things rolled into one wedding cake – childhood memories, Victoria sponge cakes and pretty flowers.  Can you even look at it without smiling?

I love that it’s a homemade wedding cake (I’ve recently been asking for advice/tips over on my Facebook page on how to make tiered Victoria sponge wedding cakes) and with perhaps the jolliest handmade wedding cake topper ever.

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Naked wedding cake

‘Naked’ wedding cakes – i.e. those that don’t have any external icing and that reveal their inner sponge and fillings – are becoming quite popular, perhaps even trendy for 2013.  I thought that a ‘naked’ wedding cake would be great for a winter wedding as you don’t need to worry about what to decorate it with at this flowerless time of year.

This four tiered ‘naked’ wedding cake is topped with a rather frilly vintage cake topper which complements the simplicity of the cake itself.  Go on, and embrace the naked wedding cake!  Just don’t tell your granny, she might be rather shocked by the idea…

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