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Why you should choose seasonal blooms for your autumn wedding – in support of British Flowers Week 2015


Why you should choose seasonal blooms for your autumn wedding // The Natural Wedding Company

Choose seasonal blooms for your autumn wedding

In the UK we are pretty lucky to have such defined seasons, and when it comes to weddings I think it means your quite spoilt – it also makes it harder to choose which time of year you want to get married in!

This week we are supporting our many flower farmer florist friends across the country for British Flowers Week, and the best thing I think I can do is just inspire you with what’s available throughout our different seasons (here’s our posts on winter, spring and summer flowers).

The autumn months – September, October, November – still offer an incredible selection of British grown blooms and foliage (as you will see below), and so shouldn’t always be overlooked in favour of summer.

Do remember that there are variations year-to-year and across the country. Here’s to being inspired for an autumn wedding

Cosmos, rosehips and blackberries

Autumn wedding bouquet of Cosmos, rosehips and blackberries by The Garden Gate Flower Company // The Natural Wedding Company
The Garden Gate Flower Company

Zinnias, snapdragons and grasses

Seasonal autumn wedding bouquet of Zinnias, snapdragons and grasses by Mayfield Flowers // The Natural Wedding Company
Mayfield Flowers

Leaves, scabious and cosmos

Autumn wedding bouquet of Leaves, scabious and cosmos by PYRUS // Kitchener Photography // The Natural Wedding Company
PYRUS (photo by Kitchener Photography)

Delphiniums, ammi and verbena

Autumn wedding bouquet of Delphiniums, ammi and verbena by BareBlooms // Owen Howells Photography // The Natural Wedding Company
BareBlooms (photo by Owen Howells Photography)

Dahlias, ammi and ivy

Autumn bridal bouquet of Dahlias, ammi and ivy by Wild Bunch Flowers // The Natural Wedding Company
Wild Bunch

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Charlie Charlie

Why you should choose seasonal wedding flowers – in support of British Flowers Week 2015


Why you should choose seasonal wedding flowers // The Natural Wedding Company

Seasonal wedding flowers in support of British flowers

When I first started out with my business there was only really one or two people growing flowers for weddings in the UK. Now 8 years on and there are flower farmer florists all over the country, I imagine in every county, in varying degrees of growing their own to supporting British growers. That is just SO incredibly exciting, especially if you a bride-to-be.

As it’s British Flowers Week I wanted to do a mini showcase of how you can have British flowers for your wedding all year round, it’s just about embracing seasonality and celebrating the wonderful blooms being grown in this country. So coming up over the rest of the week will be a post dedicated to each season (links below) and a snapshot of the kinds of beautiful seasonal British flowers you could choose for your wedding.

As a long time supporter I wanted to dig through my archives and share some of the great posts we’ve previously featured that are full of seasonal flower inspiration and ideas.

And don’t forget to go and treat yourself to a bunch of British grown seasonal blooms this week in celebration of British Flowers Week – and download a copy of this seasonal chart of British flowers and foliages.

British Flowers Week // The Natural Wedding Company

Seasonal blooms for weddings all year round

Be sure to check out all the posts in this series for lots of inspiration and ideas for your wedding:

Seasonal blooms for your spring wedding

Seasonal blooms for your summer wedding

Seasonal blooms for your autumn wedding

Seasonal blooms for your winter wedding

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Charlie Charlie

Seasonal spring bouquets of British grown daffodils, narcissi and purple-pink blushed tulips


Seasonal spring bouquets of British grown daffodils, narcissi and purple-pink blushed tulips - flowers from Little Strode Flower Farm

One of my favourite parts of my job is browsing the websites of the wedding suppliers we list in the directory to see what new things they’ve been busy creating, making, or planning. There are always some hidden gems to discover, and then I get to share them with you!

Recently I came across these beautiful seasonal spring bouquets for a daffodil inspired wedding – now what could be more appropriate to share at this time of year, as all around us daffodil buds are plumping up ready to burst open and cheer us all up with their sunny yellow faces?

Spring bridal bouquet of daffodils, narcissi and tulips - flowers from Little Strode Flower Farm

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In celebration of British Flowers Week: if there’s one thing you do this week, choose British blooms for your wedding


In celebration of British Flowers Weeks: if there's one thing you do this week, choose British blooms for your wedding

This week it’s all about British Flowers Week, a “week-long celebration of the wealth and variety of the Best of British cut flowers and foliage.” At The Natural Wedding Company we have been passionate about supporting British flower farmers since we started out in 2007, and seven years later we feel no different.

If you’re a bride-to-be or family/friend helping with wedding plans and you haven’t yet booked your wedding florist, this week commit to choosing British grown flowers. It’s that simple. And there is so much choice and so many inspiring florists out there dreaming up the most incredible arrangements.

British Flowers Week 2014

Today we are here to give you a round-up of how we can help you to find that perfect British flower farmer or florist. I’m often told that The Natural Wedding Company directory helps brides to match the perfect suppliers for their wedding day: “All enquiries I get from your website are just my perfect customers – they share the same taste for natural and wild things floral”.

Coming up later in the week we will have a celebratory feature on British grown sweet peas and how you can incorporate them into your summer wedding – think lots of beautiful ideas for bouquets and arrangements.

Choose British blooms for your wedding

We have over 60 flower farmers and florists listed on the directory – and in order to show you all in one place what you can expect we’ve put together collages to showcase all of those businesses…

Seasonal British wedding flowers on The Natural Wedding Company

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Charlie Charlie

Win a copy of new book The Cut Flower Patch so you can grown your own cut flowers all year round



A competition to win a book all about how to start your own cut flower patch – I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me! Well that’s what I have for all you lucky readers today.

I was delighted to be contacted about a new book that’s just been published called The Cut Flower Patch: Grow Your Own Flowers All Year Round by Louise Curley, and to then receive a copy in the post to review. Rather than keeping this beautiful book all to myself, I’ve decided to run a competition for one of you to win it.


You’ll also find an offer code at the bottom of the blog post if you wish to buy yourself or someone else a copy – now that I’m giving away my copy I’ll be off to put in an order! A big thanks to publishers Frances Lincoln for sending me a copy to review and giveaway.

The Cut Flower Patch: Grow Your Own Flowers All Year Round 

What I first noticed about this book as a I started to read it, was how accessible it was – I might be a huge fan of cut flowers and growing my own veggies, but I’m by no means an expert, so it’s great to find a book that explains it all in a way that made me feel confident I could have a go myself. And if I did get stuck, I could just dip into the book for advice.


The book is broken down into various sections from planning and making your cutting patch, through to cutting and arranging your homegrown flowers. For all you brides-to-be out there planning on growing flowers for your own wedding, you’ll be delighted to hear there’s a section on growing flowers for a wedding, including essential top tips.


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Charlie Charlie

This Valentine’s Day buy seasonal blooms grown in Britain with love and say no to the imported red rose



Just 5 days until Valentine’s Day!  My plan today is to convince you to buy or ask for a bunch of beautiful, British grown flowers for Valentine’s Day this year. I had wanted to dedicate more time and promotion to this wonderful campaign that is happening, but a sweet baby is consuming oodles of my attention and time.

The main objective of my message is simple: Buy British flowers. There are so many wonderful flower farmers growing stunning, seasonal British flowers (yes, even in damp dark February!), and lots of florists who buy British grown blooms. Let’s support these fab small growers and businesses, push aside that bouquet of imported and rather stiff looking red roses, and celebrate this year with a bunch of something seasonal and grown with a whole lot of love.

Still not convinced that there are pretty seasonal blooms to be bought from Britain this Valentine’s? Well now I’m going to bombard you with a whole stream of pretty pictures of what these skilled flower farmers are growing right now. They include tulips, anemones, narcissi, snowdrops, iris, pussy willow and more!

(I’ve included links below each picture to the flower farmer/grower/florist who’s flowers they are, where they’re based – in case you’re local – and do visit their website as many of them delivery nationwide)

The Flower Mill Cornwall :: Cornwall

Cherfold Cottage Flowers :: Surrey/West Sussex

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Charlie Charlie

Modern vintage inspired bouquets for brides who want more than a hand-tied from Petal and Twig


Asparagus fern and sweet pea vintage inspired bouquet from

Today I have another lovely treat from one of our recommended wedding suppliers.  This guest post has been put together by Angela who runs Petal and Twig, a Lancashire based floral designer with an emphasis on seasonality, locally grown flowers and ethical sourcing. 

Over to Angela to tell us all about these wedding bouquets she’s created, each one inspired by a vintage bouquet…

The majority of wedding bouquets we do these days are hand-tied and I have always loved the informality of this style compared to the rather stiff, wired bouquets that dominated weddings from the 60s to the late 80s. I remember staying up late with my mum almost every Friday night in my teens, wiring flowers within an inch of their lives. Looking back, it seems utterly mad to deconstruct and then reconstruct flowers but I never questioned it at the time.

Cascading rose and garden flower bouquet from

In recent years the availability of “antique” shades in roses have inspired beautifully subtle colour schemes  for weddings and we have rediscovered the potential of garden plant material and more natural styles.  The peach, gold and soft pinks of an antique jug are brought out in the “Faith” roses and garden plant material of this simple hand tied posy. It certainly looks very vintage, although I don’t think my grandmother would have thought much of this as a wedding bouquet – she would have put it straight in the vase.

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Izzy Izzy

Country garden and dreamy meadow inspired bridal bouquets full of seasonal blooms and a necklace made of flowers


Seasonal summer bouquet of sweet peas and lavender

What a beautiful feast of floral design we have for you today!  If you are planning a summer wedding and have just started thinking about your wedding flowers, then grab of cup of something warm and settle down to soak up some inspiration from one of our florists, Campbell’s Flowers.

Over the summer Tracey and her team at Campbell’s Flowers had a lovely intern – Kate – working for them.  To celebrate the end of her internship they put together a shoot of stunning seasonal blooms, and my gosh are they heavenly.  Kate also works as a second shooter for a wedding photographer so she’s pretty nifty with a camera, capturing this beautiful floral collection at Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

Here’s Kate to tell you more about what they did…

Flower necklace of cosmos and nigella

To mark the final day of an amazing internship with Campbell’s Flowers, we ventured off to shoot some beautiful British grown bouquets.  While taking shelter from the summer showers we made use of the beautiful light in the Pavilions in Sheffield Botanical Gardens and got some lovely soft shots of the interchangeable flower necklace and flower crown, crafted from locally grown seasonal flowers.

Wedding bouquet of lavender, sweet peas and cosmos

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Charlie Charlie

TNWC South West Roadtrip Day 4: The Garden Gate Flower Company with Taylor & Porter Photographs


Seasonal wedding hair flowers shoot at The Garden Gate Flower Company

What a lovely day I had yesterday, despite the most miserable drizzly weather in Cornwall.  I spent the whole day at The Garden Gate Flower Company (who are based just outside Fowey) with Becca and Maz, generally having a lot of fun with their beautiful flowers.

Our plan was to spend the day creating beautiful wedding hair flowers with the aim to inspire brides-to-be who want to wear flowers in their hair, but don’t feel the big, bold, statement flower crowns are ‘them’.

Seasonal blue wedding hair flowers with scabious and nigella

In the afternoon we were joined by Louise and Teo from Taylor & Porter Photographs, the loveliest couple who’ve recently relocated to Cornwall, and take all their pictures on vintage film cameras – you should definitely check out their work if you want something a bit different for your wedding photography.

Today you get my photos, but soon I’ll be featuring all Louise and Teo’s photos.  Can’t wait!

Seasonal yellow and white wedding hair flowers with rosies and fennel flowers

Natural seasonal wedding hair flowers from The Garden Gate Flower Company

Natural wedding hair flowers with grasses and honeysuckle

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Support our British flower growers this year by proudly displaying a seasonal Christmas wreath on your front door


Seasonal Christmas wreaths from The Garden Gate Flower Company

I am slowly beginning to admit that Christmas is on the way, what with my recent blog feature on those stunning festive dessert tables and now Christmas wreaths and workshops.

I absolutely love wreaths, I wish that we were more like the States and had wreaths for different seasons and celebrations throughout the year, and not just Christmas – anyone else up for starting this trend?  Perhaps The New Wives Club could get a group of us to make a wreath for each month of 2013 and we could share our pictures?  Am I getting carried away 🙂

The Blue Carrot wreath

A number of the lovely florists and flower farmers listed on the TNWC directory have started to release details of upcoming wreath workshops and how to order their Christmas wreaths online, so I thought to help you all out I’d do a feature to showcase a lot of them all in one place.

Plus, there are a couple of exclusive discounts for TNWC readers below, so don’t miss out on those!

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