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It goes without saying that we are huge advocates of supporting  British flower farmers. We wholly promote using British and seasonal flowers for your wedding day. It is always with delight then that we enjoy celebrating British Flowers Week. We love that British flowers and foliage get the love and publicity they deserve. Luckily we are finding that their popularity is growing more and more which is amazing to see. This week is British Flowers Week 2017 and we wanted to mark it with a little recap as to why we think you should buy British blooms and support our homegrown experts and businesses.

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Choose seasonal blooms for your spring wedding Well what a lovely positive week it’s been following all the goings-on of British Flowers Week 2015 – I hope you’ve been following along on Instagram and Twitter. This week we have covered why you should choose seasonal flowers for your summer wedding, autumn wedding, and winter wedding – now we are finishing off with inspiration for a seasonal spring wedding. It was evident when I started collating images for this seasonal spring wedding flower feature that is such an incredible selection of British grown flowers available, I think the most difficult part […]

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Choose seasonal blooms for your winter wedding I know that on a warm sunny day like to day it seems a bit mad to be talking about winter wedding flowers, but it’s a topic that I feel quite passionate about. When it comes to weddings held during December, January and February, I think it’s easy to assume that there are no flowers growing in this country, and therefore if you want wedding flowers they’re going to be imported. I’m here to show you that it’s just not true! And if you’re planning a spring, summer or autumn wedding, we’ve also […]

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Choose seasonal blooms for your autumn wedding In the UK we are pretty lucky to have such defined seasons, and when it comes to weddings I think it means your quite spoilt – it also makes it harder to choose which time of year you want to get married in! This week we are supporting our many flower farmer florist friends across the country for British Flowers Week, and the best thing I think I can do is just inspire you with what’s available throughout our different seasons (here’s our posts on winter, spring and summer flowers). The autumn months – […]

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Choose seasonal blooms for your summer wedding In case you missed yesterday’s post, this week we are celebrating homegrown seasonal blooms by supporting British Flowers Week 2015. We are hoping to inspire you each day of this week with a feature on each of the seasons, and provide you with loads of ideas for your own wedding flowers. Without further-ado, let’s launch into this seasonal round-up of wedding flowers with summer, because that’s where we’re up to in the year. The summer months I’m focussing on here are June, July and August, so if you are looking to have a […]

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Seasonal wedding flowers in support of British flowers When I first started out with my business there was only really one or two people growing flowers for weddings in the UK. Now 8 years on and there are flower farmer florists all over the country, I imagine in every county, in varying degrees of growing their own to supporting British growers. That is just SO incredibly exciting, especially if you a bride-to-be. As it’s British Flowers Week I wanted to do a mini showcase of how you can have British flowers for your wedding all year round, it’s just about […]

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This week it’s all about British Flowers Week, a “week-long celebration of the wealth and variety of the Best of British cut flowers and foliage.” At The Natural Wedding Company we have been passionate about supporting British flower farmers since we started out in 2007, and seven years later we feel no different. If you’re a bride-to-be or family/friend helping with wedding plans and you haven’t yet booked your wedding florist, this week commit to choosing British grown flowers. It’s that simple. And there is so much choice and so many inspiring florists out there dreaming up the most incredible […]

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