5 reasons you should buy a recycled gold wedding ring


Recycled gold wedding ring - coloured gem ethical engagement rings // Lilia Nash Jewellery

Have you heard of a recycled gold wedding ring? I knew that recycled gold was an option for wedding and engagement rings, but I didn’t really know why you might choose recycled gold, over fair trade gold. We recently met with Lilia Nash Jewellery in the Cotswolds to find out more, plus details on how you can get an exclusive 10% discount below.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of visiting Lilia Nash Jewellery’s workshop and boutique shop in the Cotswolds. It is the perfect place to go and view Lilia’s beautiful engagement and wedding ring designs, and to meet the talented designer who crafts them.

Recycled gold wedding ring - Cotswold jewellery boutique // Lilia Nash Jewellery

Lilia Nash Jewellery uses recycled gold for their wedding rings

Lilia Nash Jewellery is a long standing eco wedding supplier on The Natural Wedding Company directory, so I am familiar with Lilia’s timeless designs and her exquisite use of coloured gemstones. What I was interested to hear more about, when talking with Lilia and her partner Steve, was her passion for using recycled gold.

I have to admit, my first thoughts about a recycled gold wedding ring didn’t conjure up the most romantic image. Certainly not what you would immediately image for your wedding or engagement ring. But on talking with Lilia and Steve I found out exactly why you would choose a recycled gold wedding ring.

Top 5 reasons you should buy a recycled gold wedding ring

So here’s Lilia Nash Jewellery’s top 5 reasons why you should choose a recycled gold wedding ring:

Recycled gold wedding ring - his and hers wedding rings // Lilia Nash Jewellery

1. Weddings are about love and having a future together, it’s only right that the rings should represent that positivity. 

Recycled gold is much kinder to the environment, it doesn’t drive a need for new gold to be found and mined. Mining gold causes devastating damage to the landscape, is detrimental to ecosystems and the animals that live in them, and creates water pollution. That isn’t a very loving way to start a marriage.

I only use recycled gold, Sterling silver and platinum to create my wedding bands, making each ring by hand, using traditional jewellery making techniques.

It’s important to me that my work causes the minimal environmental impact to preserve habitats for future generations.

2. Transforming old gold into new treasures is a more responsible way to buy jewellery.

We presently have enough gold in reserve to meet consumer demand, so there isn’t really any need to mine more.

We are a world full of collectors and hoarders, there is so much unloved and unused gold sitting in cabinets, cupboards and drawers that’s not really fulfilling any purpose. If some of that gold can evolve into something that is desired, then it becomes infinitely more useful and loved. That alone makes recycled gold more suitable for something as symbolic as wedding rings

Recycled gold wedding ring - creating an ethical wedding ring // Lilia Nash Jewellery

3. All gold has the same value, whether it was a coin, an old piece of jewellery, or it was recently removed from an ore.

To all intents and purposes, recycled gold and mined gold are the same thing, and the price of gold is determined by the markets, known as the London Gold Fix.

There is no physical difference between wedding rings made from recycled gold and mined gold, they appear the same in colour and texture, and one will not outlast the other. There is no real reason not to use recycled gold when the option is available.

4. All gold is refined to its pure elemental state and then mixed with other metals to create the required purity before it’s made into jewellery.

Gold from recently mined sources will need to be removed from the ore, separated from other minerals and elements and then refined to create usable gold for jewellery making. Recycled gold will be much purer from the outset as the metals have already been used for jewellery making.

I use recycled 750 gold which will be of the same quality as processed mined gold. All of my wedding rings are hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office, verifying the quality as the same standard as big jewellery companies and providing provenance for my pieces.

Recycled gold wedding ring - ethical engagement and wedding ring set // Lilia Nash Jewellery

5. Your future heirlooms will have a story behind them.

Not only are your wedding rings symbolic of the love you had and the mark you left on the world as a couple, they represent positive choices for future generations.

Very few large jewellers use recycled gold in their pieces. When you buy recycled gold wedding rings you know they were made by an artisan who valued people, the planet and future happiness beyond this lifetime. Gold is eternal and your decision to buy ethical wedding rings made a difference and will continue to do so in the right hands.

Visit Lilia Nash Jewellery in the Cotswolds

If you’re looking for an ethical engagement ring or a recycled gold wedding ring, and you love Lilia Nash’s beautiful style, book yourself an appointment at their Cotswold boutique. You can find more details about booking an appointment here.

Don’t forget you can get yourself an exclusive 10% discount when ordering online with the code NWCDISCOUNT10 – full terms and conditions here.

Images: Lilia Nash Jewellery


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Just love this Lilia Nash jewellery
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