Hanging teacup lanterns for a different take on the classic jam jar lantern


Hanging teacup lanterns // The Natural Wedding Company

Hanging teacup lanterns instead of jam jar lanterns

There are so many ideas out there now which have been done over and over – jam jar lanterns and bunting spring to mind – but who says that means you still can’t use them if you love them? I’ve never been one to follow trends much, preferring to just go with what I love, so naturally that’s what I’d always encourage you to do to when it comes to planning your wedding.

I do, however, love it when I see a twist on a popular idea, as it just goes to show there’s still room for you to put your own stamp on an already common idea. That’s why I wanted to share these hanging teacup lanterns – at least that’s what I’m calling them! We hung jam jar lanterns around the edge of our wedding tents, and whilst it takes a fair amount of time to wire up jam jars and I imagine these teacups too, if you haven’t got a huge expanse to decorate then I think they’d be wonderful.

Whether you can still find vintage and mismatched teacups at an affordable price at carboots or charity shops, well that’s another matter! For me this idea embraces that sense of resourcefulness, which is why I love it so. I’m absolutely one of those people who often is most creative when put under the pressure of a moment, when you have a pile of things and you just suddenly get a wave of inspiration on how to use them – this is what this idea speaks to me of. Not that it’s something I necessarily would advise for your wedding day though!

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Image: Country Living


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