New Wives Club #22: put that pile of old magazines to good use by making them into a stool


Old magazines turned into a stool

Are you like me, and do you refused to throw away or recycle your old magazines?  I am an absolute hoarder, in my case it’s Country Living magazines – it’s like I want to hold onto these day dreams of how life might be one day, with this great stash of magazines that I can dip into and drift away to a peaceful country life.

I have used them to raise up my computer screen in the past, but this idea is much cooler and puts all those hoarded magazines to great use.  Unfortunately there isn’t a DIY tutorial on how to make the above stool, it is in fact a product you can buy.  But knowing what a crafty bunch you are, I thought there were some of you (or your Mr’s) who could easily knock up something similar.

Such a genius idea – a small wooden base, the magazines making up the bulk of the height, and topped with a cushion that is strapped in place with leather straps (perhaps old belts would work just as well?).  I hope it inspires you too, and if you like this idea do check out the rest of my New Wives Club posts.

Image: NJUStudio via Apartment Therapy


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