New Wives Club Christmas Special: make yourself a Scandinavian inspired candle chandelier


Greenery and candle Christmas chandelier

This natural and simple looking Christmas decor is exactly the kind that I love – made from just a few ordinary items, yet beautiful when finished.  Whilst this lovely festive candle chandelier doesn’t come with ‘how to’ instructions, I thought I’d share my thoughts on how I’d recreate something similar – and if you have any tips (perhaps you’ve made something similar) then do leave you advice in the comments box below.

Candle chandelier ‘how to’

For the simplest version, I’d simply create two circlets of different sizes from wire – I’d make sure to choose fairly robust wire and to wind it round a couple of times to ensure it wasn’t too flimsy. Next I’d take my fir boughs or other greenery and using thin wire twist them into place around the wire circles.

Taking some lengths of natural string, I’d secure it to the smaller greenery circle in a number of places and then find somewhere to hang it – I figure that way when you do the next step you’ll be able to get it level.  Next I’d cut lengths of wire (make sure they are long enough so that your candles won’t singe or burn the greenery above) and twist them at various points around the larger greenery circle to join the two together.  Finally clip on your candle holders and insert tiny candles.

You could always use the same method from last week’s festive ‘how to’ guide for making the boxwood wreaths, and simple use these as your chandelier rings.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, and if you want some afternoon reading then do check out my other features in my Natural Wedding Christmas Special.

Image: an-magritt


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