Rustic willow Christmas tree skirt

Happy 1st of December everyone!  Yesterday afternoon I mentioned that I was going to make these four weekends in the run up to Christmas all about crafting, decorating and gifts for the festive period, so here I am with the first of those specials.  To make it easy to find all the special Christmas blog posts, I’m going to tag them with ‘Natural Wedding Christmas Special’.

Handwoven willow Christmas tree pot

Today I wanted to share this beautiful willow Christmas tree skirt that I spotted in whilst flicking through a magazine earlier in the week.  I was instantly captured by how natural and totally ‘at home’ it seemed beneath the Christmas tree, and I love products like that.  This lovely piece of craftmanship is available from Rowen & Wren (I highly advise against going on this website – you will want to spend a lot of money) and is made exclusively for them by Somerset Willow.

Somerset Willow Christmas tree skirt

I am rather hopeful that in the future one of these gorgeous handwoven willow Christmas tree skirts will grace our house at Christmas time.  How do you decorate the bottom of your Christmas tree?  We put ours into a wooden barrel style bucket and secure it with gravel.

The Somerset Willow Christmas Tree Skirt is available from Rowen & Wren and costs £68.

Images: Rowen & Wren


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