New Wives Club Christmas Special: a magically simple way to transform vintage doilies into the prettiest of snowflake decorations

Charlie / 2 December 2012

Vintage doily snowflakes

I’m super excited about sharing this week’s New Wives Club find with you because I think it’s pretty neat and that you’ll love it.  As we are now into the second day of December I figure I can start talking about Christmas more – I am one of those firm supporters of the ‘keep Christmas in December’ campaign!

Vintage doilies

I’d spotted an image on Pinterest of what looked like crocheted doilies hung up like snowflakes, so I started searching to see how you made them.  I came across lots of paper doilies being used for cutting out those snowflakes you made at primary school, until finally I stumbled across this great tutorial for stiffening up crocheted and lace doilies to make into snowflakes.

Crocheted doilies made into snowflake decorations

I was pretty sure that the way to stiffen up the doilies was going to be some complicated process or involve some chemical product that I’d be reluctant to buy, but no – you just need sugar and water!  Apparently, once soaked in a sugar solution and left to dry, the doilies firm up.  Now all I have to do is regret not buying those couple of very pretty lace doilies I saw at a flea market a couple of weeks ago because I didn’t know what I’d do with them…grr!

So what do you think of these vintage doily snowflake decorations?  Have you got plans to make Christmas decorations this year, and if so what are they?  

You can find all my special Christmas blog posts tagged with Natural Wedding Christmas Special.

Images: Ennui via Dos Family


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