A timeless and natural vow renewal at dusk atop a mountain


Natural wedding

I look at a lot of weddings, and whilst I don’t think it’s my place to say if I don’t like one as much as another (after all, it’s someone’s special day and everyone’s entitled to choose what makes them happy), there are those weddings that I come across that I just fall head-over-heels in-love with.

Ceremony space with fir cone heart

If I stop to try and work out what it is that makes me have those feelings – you just know when you see them, I’m sure you have the same reaction when you come across inspiration for your own wedding – I think it’s perhaps the way of life they evoke in my mind, a blissful and down-to-earth place that I dream of in my imagination.

Natural flower crown

This is one such wedding (or in fact, vow renewal) that makes me feel those butterfly feelings.  It’s one such wedding, that as I’m scrolling through about five different blogs simultaneously, each one opened in a new internet tab, checking my emails and tweeting at the same time, images blurring past as I hit ‘page down’ or scroll with the mouse, that halts me.

Natural bride with flower crown

All those other things I’m doing melt away, and for just a moment I’m transported somewhere else.  First, to this couples wedding, this shared moment of celebrating their love for each other, in a beautiful spot, sometimes with pretty details and smiling family and friends.  Then, to that place in my imagination.

Vows printed on a handkerchief

It’s been a little while since I shared one of those irresistible and timeless weddings, but that’s because I think they’re quite rare.  So I hope I can transport you to a happy place whilst you look through this sweet and intimate vow renewal atop a mountain in Oregon.  Complete with floral crowns, vows printed on a handkerchief, and a candlelit dinner beneath the stars.

Candlelit tent

You absolutely must view this Sweet Vow Renewal at Dusk in its full loveliness.  You can also find more timeless weddings that I’ve shared snippets of and links to the full features.

P.S. I couldn’t resist sharing this final oh-so-cute picture (Caroline I think you’ll love it!)

Baby's place setting

Images: The Gemmers via Ruffled


Caroline on 21. October, 2012

Aww that’s gorgeous!! Need to get some ribbons to stick on the high chair like that how cute!x

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