Cake love: a pink strawberry cake with apple blossom wreath

Charlie / 20 July 2012

Pink strawberry cake with apple blossom

Please someone, you have to create a wedding cake inspired by this one!  I keep thinking I come across my ‘favourite’ of something, and then along comes another that blows you away even more – this pink strawberry cake topped with delicate apple blossoms is one of them.

There are lots of ways you can take inspiration from this gorgeous cake – that gorgeous shade of pink, the rustic twine tied in a ribbon, or the beautiful decoration of apple blossom.  Apple blossom is edible, so if you are able to pick it last minute then placing it on fresh would certainly be an option, alternatively you could use crystallised apple blossom (available from some of these businesses).

Strawberry cake with edible apple blossom

If like me you fancy making this cake ‘just because’ then do check out the blog by Marie Chioca, it’s all in French but you can use Google Translate if you are confident in your cooking skills – be warned, it seems to translate ‘2 petits suisses’ into ‘2 chipmunks’…which personally I thought sounded a bit odd!  Turns out petits suisses are a kind of fromage frais like cheese, I read you can substitute cream cheese.

Happy Baking!

Image: Marie Chioca via Pinterest


Marie Chioca on 13. August, 2013

Merci beaucoup pour ce clin d’oeil, je suis vraiment ravie que ce gâteau te plaise :)

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