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Natural wedding beauty

I have been working with some of the lovely businesses listed on The Natural Wedding Company directory to bring you some exclusive and tailored blog posts, like the recent two part feature on growing cut flowers (part 1 and part 2) from BareBlooms.

Well this week it’s all about beauty, and natural beauty to be specific.  I asked Laura The Organic Make-Up Artist if she would put together a special feature for my brides-to-be on how to get your skin wedding day ready in a more natural and gentle way.  Even if you’re not getting married, Laura’s tips and advice will be helpful to anyone wanting to swap to a more natural skincare routine.

You’ll also able to ask your own specific questions of Laura, just simply leave your questions in the comments box at the bottom and we’ll get a reply to you.  If you’d rather ask a question privately you can also send an email to Laura – full details at the bottom.

Over the next three days, Laura will be covering the following areas:

1) the importance of a good skincare regime,
2) skincare products and how to use them, and
3) a countdown to your wedding day.

Before I hand you over into the capable hands of Laura, I want to wish her a huge congratulations as she’s just given birth to a beautiful baby girl last week!  Congratulations! Now, over to Laura and getting a good skincare regime…


Hello and a warm welcome to this bridal skincare series!  My name is Laura Jane Sessions and I’m a make-up artist with a background in fashion, film, television and commercials, I’m also passionate about organic products.  

I’d like to begin with a big thank you to Charlie for letting me loose on her blog – I hope I do it justice!  Hopefully this mini series of features will help answer some of your skincare questions, however if you have any specific concerns about what to do with your skin in the run up to your wedding, then do get in touch with either myself or Charlie and I will try and help you.

Happy reading!  Love Laura x

Part 1: The importance of a good skincare regime

Pre-wedding natural skincare

Your skin is the largest bodily organ – covering a surface area of approximately 2sq metres!  With something this big, you’ve got to take care of it and a good skincare regime is important, however not everybody has the time (or inclination – and I do include myself in that!) to spend 20 minutes twice a day on a salon-style cleansing routine.

So why bother?  Our skin is subject to a daily onslaught; make-up, perspiration, bacteria, atmospheric pollution all build up on the surface of the skin.  This dirt and debris all accumulate; blocking pores, causing blemishes and giving you a complexion that lacks luster.  A good skincare regime will clean your skin, helping prevent these breakouts, reduce the signs of premature ageing and help you retain that healthy glow.

Natural bridal beauty

Every bride wants to look its best on her wedding day and the sooner you start thinking about skin care the better.  Don’t panic however, even if there is only a month to go and you hadn’t entertained the possibility of introducing a face mask to your bathroom cabinet, there are still things you can do to help your skin look great.

Here are some hints and tips for getting your skin in tip-top condition ready for the big day but remember – don’t feel that you need to do all everything on this list, undertaking just some of it will help improve your skin.

It’s what you put in that counts!

Wedding menu

It’s not only what you put on your face and body that will affect your skin, it’s what you put in your body too.  You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before but reducing the amount of coffee and fizzy soft drinks you consume and upping your water intake flushes out your kidneys, helping ensure you stay hydrated and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Cut it out – or at least cut down!

cocktail with paper straw

Drinking and smoking do have negative effects on the skin; fine lines, dark under-eye circles, dehydration, puffiness and dullness are all results of frequent alcohol consumption and smoking.

Top Tip: Try to have 2-3 alcohol-free nights a week – there are some great alcohol-free alternatives out there!

Get some sleep!

Alarm clock

Getting a good nights sleep will help reduce dark under-eye circles and give your body time to replace skin cells, leaving you looking fresh faced.

Take your make-up off!


I’m not nagging here (well, only a little bit) but at the end of each day, do remember take your make-up off properly!  Cleansing your skin in the evening will remove the make-up and impurities that block your skins pores and lead to congested skin.

Top Tip: Try and instill a couple of make-up free days each week as this will give your skin a chance to breathe.

Take care in the sun!

Bride with a parasol

With sunny days upon us (for now), it is vital we start thinking about protecting our skin, even if it doesn’t feel that hot.  By investing in and applying a good quality organic sunscreen or even a moisturiser containing an SPF, your skin will be protected from those harmful and ageing UVA and UVB rays.  Not only are you protecting yourself against the risk of cancer but you are also helping to prevent your skin from signs of premature ageing (regardless of your actual age!) such as the appearance of fine lines and increased sensitivity, dryness and itching.

Top Tip: Remember to keep those lips happy too by using an SPF lip balm!

Some of my favorite Organic and Natural Sunscreens:

Jason’s Facial Natural Sunblock – SPF20 – £10.00 – The Organic Skin Store

“Lightweight and easy to apply, it blends well without white marks!”

Lovea Organic SPF Daily Face Cream – SPF50 – £15.99 – So Organic

“Perfect for full on SPF protection!”

Hurraw! Sun Balm – SPF15 – £4.00 – Content Beauty / CutECOsmetics

“I love this lip balm! It feels light on the lips and in 100% natural!!!”

Not just a pretty face

Bare back wedding dress

It’s not only your face that will be under scrutiny on your wedding day, your hands and (depending on the style of your dress) your back and chest may also be on display, so make sure that you look after these too.  As well as applying a body lotion whenever you get out of the bath or shower, why not try exfoliating or body brushing to improve the appearance of your skin? Body brushing is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your skin; eliminating toxins and stimulating the circulation and lymphatic system.  There is an excellent (and downloadable) guide to body brushing on the Liz Earle website.

Remember to moisturise your hands each time you wash them or whenever they feel a little on the dry side.  Try and keep a hand cream next to each sink in your house, one in your handbag – one on the desk too if you work in an office!  It sounds like overkill I know, but having a cream to hand will remind you to do it.

Some of my favorite potions for the hands and body:

Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic Hand Cream – £4.45 – Lavera

“Simply one of the best basic hand creams I have come across – I have tubes everywhere!!”

Buffy the Backside Slayer – £5.50 – Lush

“Great for reducing cellulite and moisturizing your skin, perfect if you are in a rush as there is no need to apply body lotion afterwards!”

Jason’s Natural Apricot Moisturiser – £6.99 – LucyRose

“A great cheap and cheerful option – if you don’t like apricots, Jason’s have a whole range of other scents to choose from!”

Neal’s Yard Sensual Jasmine Body cream – £27.90 – Neal’s Yard Remedies

“Smells divine and feels beautiful on the skin.”


One for the boys

Groom with bow tie

It’s not just your skin that will appreciate a little TLC before the big day.

There is an ever-growing number or organic and natural skincare products out there designed just for the boys, however it is fine for them to use your products too (if you let them!).  Admittedly some men may take a little persuasion, however even just popping on a little moisturiser will make a world of difference and make their skin appear hydrated and glowing in the photos!

A few fab organic manly products:

(some of which I have tried myself but others I have on good authority)

Trilogy Men’s Moisturiser – SPF15 – £20.50 – So Organic

“A great everyday option.”

Weleda Moisture Cream for Men – £9.95 – Love Lula

“Lightweight, perfect for those a little resistant to using ‘product’.”

John Masters Organics Bearberry Oily Skin Balancing Serum – £22.45 – Ophelia Organics

“For the man who likes to spend time on his skin.”

If you have any questions for Laura, please leave them below in the comments box, and do check back tomorrow for the next part on skincare products and how to use them.

The Organic Make-Up Artist provides an organic and ethical alternative to classic bridal make-up, visit or email

Images: (1) Jessica Janae Photography via Bridal Musings; (2) Wrinkle in Time Photography via Ruffled; (3) Joel Flory via Ruffled; (4) Images By Lori via Style Me Pretty; (5) Arrow & Apple via Style Me Pretty; (6) Lizelle Lotter via Once Wed; (7) Simply Bloom Photography via Ruffled; (8) Evs Media via Once Wed; (9) Annie McElwain Photography via Ruffled; (10) Unknown via Ruffled


Allie on 8. May, 2012

Hey Laura

I’m already married but hopefully you can help: I’ve recently been getting quite a few blemishes on my face and back. I hAvent had a spot since my teens so no idea why. Is there anything I can use to shift them. Neutrogenia spot stuff isn’t working too well.


Allie x

Laura on 14. June, 2012

Hi Allie
Thanks for getting in touch. Apologies for the delaying responding, new babies and internet time don’t mix!!

Firstly, have you changed anything recently? Diet, skincare products, medication etc? These can all have influencing effects on our skin and can change the balance of things as can stress and hormone imbalances.

Without knowing the finer details, I suggest keeping up your water intake up as this will help to flush out toxins, wearing cotton and natural fibres will prevent sweat build up which can exacerbate the condition. Wash the area using a gentle shower gel and don’t exfoliate as this can aggravate the spots. You could try applying a little diluted tea tree essential oil to the affected areas, this is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so may help.

I hope this helps,
Laura x

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