A bridal necklace made from fresh flowers – unbelievably beautiful or unrealistic?


real flower wedding jewellery

Perhaps this idea is a little unrealistic, but why not swap your bouquet for a necklace of flowers?  If it were possible and the flowers held up and didn’t wilt (any top suggestions from florists out there?) I think this would be a beautiful bridal alternative.  Floral creations like this would also be a great alternative for bridesmaid bouquets – your imagination is the only barrier to what you could create.

I’d love some advice from some of the florists out there on whether this would work or if it’s unrealistic – surely it can’t be much different to wearing flowers in your hair in terms of the flowers staying lovely throughout the day?

Image: Harwell Photography via 100 Layer Cake


Jay Archer on 3. May, 2012

I am making some of these soon- will share pictures when I do.

I certainly don’t think it is unrealistic, it just hasn’t been seen a lot before. Alot of brides as me for something different but they’re not sure what that ‘different’ is. We’ve seen increased popularity in hari flowers, so maybe flower jewellery will be next. Beautiful I think. Jxx


CharlieB on 3. May, 2012

Thanks Jay, do send some pictures through would love to share them :) And I know what you mean about not knowing what ‘different’ is xXx

Patrizia Diskus on 9. August, 2012

Dear ladies!
I´m always looking for new flower ideas and found your comments about jewellery made with real flowers! I´m producing such pieces and if you look at my FB site, you can find a lot of ideas and pieces I´ve made! Hope you like it?!
Patrizia from Austria :-)

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