Multi-coloured hole punch confetti in mini brown paper envelopes

Charlie / 21 April 2012

paper confetti in mini brown envelopes

Confetti is a must at most weddings, with many of us now loving the beautiful petal confetti that’s now available, especially the British grown and naturally dried stuff.  But if you’re not really of the dried petal confetti type and you want something a little different why not have some multi-coloured hole punch confetti and seal it in tiny brown envelopes.

I do imagine though, that it takes a lot of hole punching to make enough confetti for a wedding – perhaps a downside to this fun idea!  If it is, you could always use this great idea of packaging your confetti  in brown paper wage envelopes for petal confetti.  I love the idea that all your guests could pick up an envelope on the way in or out of your wedding ceremony, ready for the confetti toss.

Is hole-punching your own wedding confetti going too far?  Have you made something similar and have any tips to share?

Image: Hey Look via Pinterest


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