New Wives Club #1: reusing glass cake stands to display pretty objects in your home

Charlie / 14 January 2012

cake stand of pretty bedroom details

It was this picture above that prompted me to get on with my New Wives Club feature – it encompasses what I’d like it to be about – in particular, reusing items from your wedding in your home.

I have about six glass cake stands that I collected for our wedding from carboot sales, charity shops and one more pricey one found at a vintage fair.  Most of them are sitting on a shelf in our front bedroom not doing a lot.  One has been put out over Christmas in our living room to display a vase of white narcissi.

I’ve not really known what I can do with them until now – I can be a bit precious about items that are easily broken or damaged, but I love this idea from the incredibly creative Elsie of A Beautiful Mess.  In our bedroom we have a chest of drawers with a mirror on it, and what can only be described as a jumble of ‘things’.  So I’ve decided to reorganise it and use one of my cake stands to display some of those things.

Here’s what I came up with…

cake stand dressing table organiser

It’s certainly not as beautiful as Elsie’s and the cake stand I selected dips into the middle so everything slides down, but I’m hoping I can improve on it as time goes by.  It was a really nice way to look through the pretty things I have and put them out to look at – the big flower brooch is from my University days, there is a pocket mirror with a Flower Fairies picture on the back that I’ve had since I was little, and the card of buttons were from Paris.

What do you think?  What would you put on your dressing table cake stand?

P.S. my dressing table never looks this tidy, I cleaned all the ‘jumble’ up (it’s now on our bed – oops!) especially for you guys and even dusted the top…my husband wishes I was like this more often!


Images: (1) A Beautiful Mess; (2) The Natural Wedding Company


Hatty on 14. January, 2012

Love it! Glad im not the only one, we have one full
Of jewelery on the dresser and one randomly on the
kitchen table full of my favourite fabric squares in a stack and
lots of ribbon! We use the bottles we got from a reclamation yard
for flowers but they look gorgeous on their own. The dipped cake
stands also are great for sweets and snacks!

Nicola Wellard on 16. January, 2012

Strangely my ceramic cake stand has our radio on it in our kitchen! However, I also have metal hearts with dried thistles hanging at points in the house (from our decorations) and loads of crystal pots and jars with what others may think is random old tat but I think are pretty little things in them!

Caroline on 16. January, 2012

I’ve never thought of this! We have plant pots on ours but I like the idea of them being used for more useful things

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