Edible wedding bouquets bursting with herbs, blackberries, nasturiums and chillis


Edible bouquet

Inspired by this week’s episode of River Cottage Veg, which featured a beautiful wedding with an edible bouquet, I’ve searched the web for inspiration on how you can make your bouquet both beautiful, fragrant and edible.

Edible bouquet

Herbs are the obvious choice to incorporate into your bridal bouquet – not only do they make good foliage fillers, but they smell wonderful and often have pretty flowers.  You could either opt for a full herb bouquet with flowering thyme, chive flowers, and purple and yellow Heartsease, or maybe you’d rather just add in a few herbs like sage amongst your other flowers.

Edible bouquet

Images: The Herb Companion; via Once Wed

If you are after a relaxed, country garden style feel for your wedding, bouquets of herbs for both the bride and bridesmaids will fit in perfectly.  They have that loose, just-picked look, and can be tied with raffia or garden twine for a rustic look.  A while ago I made a small herb bouquet for a friend – they would make pretty posies for your flowergirls.

Edible bouquet

Images: The Traditional Flower Company

But herbs don’t have to only by for the homegrown bride, they can also be added to more elegant and structural bouquets, like this one that has cream roses, lavender and rosemary.  If you want something a bit different, this bouquet with red and orange chilli peppers amongst rosemary, bay and sage would look great at an autumnal wedding.

Edible bouquet

Images: unknown; Tregothnan Shop via The Lavender Experiment

As well as herbs, you could always add in edible flowers – like these hot coloured nasturtiums, which are stunning flowers, and along with the leaves have a peppery taste.  This would be perfect for a green-fingered bride as these flowers are often found tumbling over allotment fences.

Edible bouquet

Image: Small Stump

If, unlike the River Cottage bride you don’t fancy using lettuce in your bouquet, there are more striking vegetables like globe artichokes…

Edible bouquet

Image: Studio Stems

Fruit and berries also are making more of an appearance, like these red blushed apples that have been wired into this autumn inspired bouquet.

Edible bouquet

Image: via Weddings at Work

And blackberries – whether they are dotted amongst pure white anemones for a romantic feel – I would just be careful with any berries that are super ripe as you wouldn’t want to get purple blackberry juice on your wedding dress!

Edible bouquet

Image: via Bouquet Bridal

Or made the centre of attention like this blackberry bouquet (one of my favourites) – I love that they’ve used the green blackberries that are only just starting to go a pinky-purple.

Edible bouquet

Image: Fotopastele

If you’re looking for English, seasonal or field-grown flowers in the UK there is a full list of suppliers on our directory.

What other ideas do you have for an edible bouquet?


Herby Bouquets & Poseys - on 16. June, 2012

[…] Fragrant, and practical ( you can even eat them later!) Here are a few I found for inspiration from the Natural Wedding Company, Tregothnan Shop and a DIY Tutorial from Project Wedding. Enjoy! Share this: Tags: bouquets, […]

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