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Timeless pieces that combine natural and contemporary lines

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I'm Lilia, an independent jewellery designer. I take inspiration from nature and modern life and using ethical gold and silver and fair trade gemstones, I create timeless pieces that combine organic flow and contemporary lines.

Lilia Nash jewellery is a unique collection of fine eco-friendly gemstone jewellery. Lilia specialises in bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings and dress rings. Taking inspiration from nature and modern life, Lilia creates timeless pieces that combine natural and contemporary lines.

Each limited edition piece of jewellery is individually hand-crafted by Lilia herself, from her studio in the Cotswolds (UK). Having developed a passion for gemstones as a child but knowing the negative impact on the Earth’s resources that mining brings, Lilia’s mission is wherever possible to make her jewellery using recycled and ethical metals, conflict free diamonds and fair trade gemstones in order to try and reduce the amount of damage to the environment.

Lilia is constantly researching new techniques and trends in jewellery design to ensure her handmade pieces remain unique, stylish and effortlessly wearable. Lilia is happy to create a unique piece of jewellery especially for you, matching your requirements and budget.

I believe strongly in working as much as possible with ethical, recycled gold and silver and fair trade gemstones, to do my bit to try and reduce the amount of damage to the environment.

The jewellery industry has always relied heavily on exploiting the Earth’s resources, via the mining of precious metals and gemstones. Mining is very damaging to the environment - for example - to produce one gold band, five tonnes of environmental waste are produced. This waste pollutes the top soil as well as nearby water sources, affecting the health of local communities and wildlife.

Being passionate about jewellery but knowing the negative impact that mining brings, my jewellery is wherever possible made with 100% recycled conflict-free gold and Sterling silver and ethical/fair trade gemstones. My gold is obtained from a refining source in the USA, which processes old reclaimed jewellery and jewellers’ scrap - coins etc. The Sterling silver is obtained in the UK and is processed from 100% scrap silver via a fully audited process.

All of my diamonds are 100% conflict-free in accordance with the Kimberley Process and are purchased from a reputable supplier. For absolute peace of mind, I also use Fair Trade Canadian diamonds and even recycled diamonds. 

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"I would just like to let you know that we received our wedding rings this morning and they're beautiful! I wasn't expecting them for weeks so it was a nice surprise! Once again, thank you so much... they're very special rings and we love them." - Bindi, London


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