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Wedding photography shot in an unconventional way with no cheese involved

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We're a couple of free-spirits with a passion for capturing folks in love and we travel to all corners of the globe to do so, which ties in nicely with our obsession of travel! We're down to earth and enjoy life to the full. Give us a holler, as we would love to chat!

about us and what floats our boat!

Howdy, we’re Sarah and Darren. Those crazy bunny folks, apparently. No qualms about that though – true story! We are undoubtedly animal mad, hence the reason we are vegan and lead a cruelty free lifestyle. We have four rather awesome rescue babies, of the long-eared variety, who we LOVE to bits!

If we had to narrow down what we’re all about, it would pretty much be the following! We’re avid collectors of skulls, clocks, rocks/gems, house plants and herbal tea (we have a gigantic cupboard that is bursting at the seams). We’re also partial to spontaneous adventures in ‘Carthur’ our trusty old motor, progressive Viking metal (there is such a thing!), washing our hands too much (because, germs), visiting abandoned buildings, listening to old school Moby on repeat, buying so many band posters we have no space left to hang them, eating too many avocados and watching really unpopular TV series.

our thang!

There is nothing more rewarding than snapping a happy couple on their big day and being a part of all the exciting wedding shenanigans. You’ll sometimes even find us shedding a tear during these festivities, as they make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Our approach to shooting a wedding is pretty simple; we’ll keep it mostly candid (can’t beat a good caught-off-guard expression), capture moments as and when they happen, avoid cheesy clichés and most importantly let the couple and their guests have a blast along the way!

We are both vegan and lead a cruelty free lifestyle and alongside that, we're extremely eco conscious and environmentally friendly and source any materials we need (which isn't much!) from top notch companies with the same ethics. We are also 100% paperless and we also no longer use USB's or any other packaging (everything is done online and is so much easier for all parties involved). We like to do our bit for the planet!

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"Guys, what can we say... a MASSIVE thank you for the beautiful images you took of our big day. We were thrilled by the final pics and really enjoyed working with you! From start to finish you have been easy and flexible, professional and passionate and it's been a pleasure to meet you, to discuss ideas and to have you there at the wedding." - Alex & Chermine Assadian

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