Pop-up cocktail bar with a passion for great drinks and sustainability

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We’re Abby and James and we’ve always been passionate about great drinks, music and sustainability. After a combined 10 years working in bars we decided to take the plunge, and create something that contained all three! We look forward to hearing from you!

A pop up bar and events company inspired by New York’s music clubs holding environmental sustainability at the centre of everything we do. We've got an amazing array of tipples to keep you and your guests refreshed from the sparkling cocktails on arrival, wine for the table, Prosecco (fresh from the tap!), an amazing selection of freshly shaken cocktails, pints of Brewdog and our ice cold organic soft drinks. There really is something for everyone!

We are able to provide the Three15 pop-up bar and an unforgettable experience regardless of location. We can set up inside your chosen venue, barn, field, woodland, warehouse, or a beautiful country house…anywhere you can imagine! 

We provide a cash bar, pre paid bar or a combination of both and work with you to create your own menu for the occasion. We can also tailor the drink menu to reflect your event and theme. We also take card, contactless and Apple Pay.

Here at Three15 we hold sustainability, social and eco-responsibility as one of our top priorities.

The bar itself is crafted from from recycled scaffold boards and all of our stock is carefully selected based on their sustainability, packaging and social responsibility. We stock as many vegan products as we can, and don’t use any milk or eggs in any of our cocktails.

Element 29 Vodka and Boxer Gin are our delicious and fully vegan house pours. These both come in ‘bag in box’ packaging which reduces packaging by 95%, cuts transport weight by 45% and cuts transported volume by 63%. The carbon cost of producing and recycling glass is completely avoided.

Both our wine and beer come in key kegs, these are better for the environment as it not only saves on the transportation of bottles or heavy kegs around the country but also cuts out the nasty chemicals that are used to clean them.

We aim to create as little waste as possible, and any waste that we do create we make sure is recycled. We also use compostable glasses wherever we can, but if not always recyclables!

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