A simple colourful banner table plan for a seaside festival wedding

Sometimes I wonder if all the effort we go to creating elaborate/artistic/clever/unique table plans is really worth the hassle – after all it’s just to tell someone where to find their seat.

I must add in here that I created (with the help of my sister Izzy) a super elaborate and time consuming table plan for my own wedding, which involved an illustrated birds eye view of our reception tents on a cork base with individual flags stuck into it with each guests name on…phew!

That being said, I often come across some really great ideas for table plans, and although you could probably say there’s nothing special about this design, I love it for its simplicity and colourfulness. It also completely fit with the couples wedding day.

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TNWC Real Brides: Lisa's handmade napkins and bunting, vintage crockery collecting and other last minute wedding prepartions

For any of our regular readers you’ll probably have realised that our lovely TNWC Real Bride Lisa is now married, however she got so busy in the lead up to her wedding day that it’s only now post-wedding and post-honeymoon that she’s been able to fill us in on the final aspects of her wedding planning.

Over to Lisa to tell us more…

Vintage crockery, stamping, bunting, lots of napkins and trying to get ahead…

In the run up to our big day, we realised that a lot of the things we wanted to do could only be done at the very last minute, such as our favours which were Welsh cakes, the flowers (which Tom’s mum was growing) the drinks for the drinks dispensers etc. We also found that we were still coming up with ideas even up until the eleventh hour! Below are some of things we did manage to do in advance (thankfully!!).

The hunt for vintage crockery

TNWC Real Brides: Lisa's handmade napkins and bunting, vintage crockery collecting and other last minute wedding prepartions

For our reception we had beautiful Kata tents, if you are not familiar with them they are a type of interlocking tipi and are absolutely beautiful inside. You could pretty much leave them as they are without doing very much decoration, I can imagine them to look stunning with very simple table settings and lighting. However I have always had my heart set on a very colourful, mismatch of styles filling the tables and all around.

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The never-ending uses for a recycled jam jar! I really hope they are one of those things that doesn’t ever go out of ‘fashion’ when it comes to weddings, I mean they are so versatile and such a wonderful way to reuse unloved items (if you go down the proper recycling old jam jar route).

I’m not hugely into theming weddings, but weaving in subtle touches that speak to who you are as individuals or a couple I am for. So I wanted to share this simple but fun idea for a table plan/escort cards. Recycled glass jars, filled with dried beans, and filled with pencils turned into little flags with your guests name and table details on.

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'Let the love grow' wedding favour labels

Today Hester from Wedding in a Teacup tells us about how to use living potted plants and greenery in weddings, rather than cut flowers. With some super helpful tips, it’s a must-read for any brides-to-be looking for quirky eco-chic ideas.

Over to Hester…

'Meant to bee' seed packet wedding favours

We love the idea of living flowers and greenery at a wedding.  They look natural and informal and are a great way to add practical decoration, but more than that – there’s something about having something living on your day that is so wholly positive!

We like tables named after love-in-the-mist or sage, with pots and gardeners labels to mark them; tiny flower pots doubling as place markers and favours (check out our personalised labels created with these in mind); and an apple crate of herbs or flowers as a luscious table plan holder.

Rustic apple crate wedding table plan

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Izzy Burton illustration

At about this time I will probably be meeting Susanne from The Blue Carrot in deepest Cornwall, over 300 miles from my home.  If you’ve just joined us, this week I am on a TNWC South West Roadtrip travelling around Somerset, Devon and Cornwall visiting a number of the lovely wedding businesses listed in the directory.

This afternoon I have Sarah one of my TNWC Real Brides who is sharing some of her DIY projects that her and her family have been busy creating for their upcoming wedding.

Over to Sarah…

Hi everyone!  In this blog I will be writing about some of the creative projects we are doing for the wedding, with less than 3 months to go everything is starting to get a bit crazy!

One of my projects is using a gorgeous old gate dad came across, we were thinking of painting it but soon decided it was perfect as it was.  I’m going to use it to display picture of myself and Lee.  I’m also going to decorate it with lovely trinkets and bunting along the top.

Old gate display board for wedding photos

My mum has been busy making bunting, we were told we’d need 150 meters worth – my mum nearly fainted at the thought!  She’s making lots of progress after lots of trouble with it – we sourced our fabric from charity shops and eBay, and I bet it will look stunning!

Homemade bunting

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Izzy Burton illustration

So we had a little break last week from our TNWC Real Brides series – the first of our real brides, Caroline, got married on May 18th in a beautiful farm wedding (you can see a gorgeous picture of Caroline and Gareth on their wedding day here on Facebook) and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Today we have Emma back with us, and she only has 8 weeks to go until her big day in Cornwall.  These weddings are all coming so quickly!  She has a couple of gorgeous craft projects to share with you all today – a pretty decorated bottles for table flowers, a homemade blackboard seating plan, and the sweetest aisle liners I’ve seen.

Over to Emma to tell you what they’ve been up to…

All The Small Things (seem to bring the biggest headache)

Up until a week ago I was feeling calm, organised and under control with the planning going swimmingly.  Then suddenly with less than 8 weeks to go (EXCITED!) I started to get a bit worrisome.  All the big things have been well and truly ticked off the list but the little things seem like they have started breed!

Old glass bottles decorated with ribbons

I suspect this happens to every bride and the point at which where ‘bridezilla’ may start to rear her ugly head, I can feel it bubbling beneath the surface now… I think the main problem is worrying that we will forget something!  Like having enough tables for the caterer to put food on, sorting out music for the ceremony and how we are going to play it outside in the amphitheatre.

I have been worrying about things that we had slightly overlooked; like what we can feed our vegan guests when we are having a hog roast and cream tea (slight fail).  The only oven on site is an outdoor pizza oven…hmmm, still to be solved.

Antique glass bottle vases

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Star sign wedding table plan

I wanted something a little different to share today and I adore the dark blue and gold of this star sign wedding inspiration.  As a teenager I was just a bit obsessed by star signs (anyone else?), I even had a star sign board game.  I still find star signs fascinating, although I’m less obsessed, but definitely feel I’m a lot like mine – Taurus in case you’re wondering!

I’ve not seen any other wedding inspiration that incorporates star signs, but I think this does it so elegantly with the use of dark blue and gold, and I especially love the above idea of creating a star sign themed table plan.  How fun to use the constellations as the focal point with your guests’ names round the edge of them.

Star sign wedding table name

You can also incorporate other subtle touches that reflect star signs and the night sky (perfect I think for a dusk wedding with tables twinkling with tea lights), such as table numbers with flecked gold card and this fun idea of a star-shaped place names slotted between the fork.

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