Inspiration for making your own hot chocolate wedding favours: eco-chic spoons for stirring or jars of homemade cocoa mix


Hot chocolate spoon wedding favours dipped in edible gold glitter

One of last year’s TNWC Real Brides, Nik, made these brilliant hot chocolate wedding favours for her wedding. She customised mugs and had these beautiful vintage teaspoons stamped with a message for each of her guests.

On the evening of their wedding guests were able to fill their mugs with hot milk and stir in a wooden spoon coated in chocolate. What a neat idea and a great way to have wedding favours that really get used as opposed to just taken home and forgotten about.

For an autumn or winter wedding in particular (but lets face it, hot chocolate is great at any time of the year!) I think the idea of hot chocolate wedding favours couldn’t be any more perfect. Here you have two options – hot chocolate spoons or jam jars of hot cocoa mix.

Hot cocoa mix wedding favours

Wooden spoons can be sourced from TNWC Recommended Supplier Little Cherry and simply dunked into melted chocolate and left to set. Edible gold glitter can be bought online or even in many supermarkets now. If you want a few instructions to follow for making hot chocolate spoons, there’s a simple tutorial here.

I thought these spoons were rather nice with the addition of the edible gold glitter.

Hot chocolate spoon wedding favours dipped in edible gold glitter

To make the hot chocolate jam jar favours I would simply fill a jar with a homemade mix before topping with mini marshmallows. I had a quick search online for homemade hot cocoa recipes, and here are a few I found:

  • Martha Stewart provides the most simple one with just 3 ingredients, although I think this might be too sweet for my liking!
  • Jamie Oliver has one which includes real chocolate, cinnamon and Horlicks, and my experience with Jamie’s recipes are that they usually turn out well.
  • If I was going to make it I think I’d try this recipe from Food 52 as I like the combination of dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

Finish the jars off with some twine and a tag, or a brown paper sticky label. It might be good to include simple instructions on how to use the mix – which in most cases isn’t more than ‘heat milk and stir in cocoa powder’ but still good to avoid any confusion.

Jam jar wedding favours with hot cocoa mix

Perfect for a winter wedding!

Images: Ashley Dru via Ruffled


Steph - Ivy Ellen on 22. July, 2014

Such a brilliant favour idea – and yummy too!

gemma on 28. April, 2015

What size jars do you suggest using?


CharlieB on 28. April, 2015

Hi Gemma, I think if this was me making these as wedding favours, I’d work out how much homemade cocoa mix I wanted to give each guest, and then try and find a jar that would suit it and leave space to top up with mini marshmallows :) I have recently bought some little kilner jars from a big store called The Range, they would probably work well – maybe have a look online to buy a bulk amount of small jars. I wouldn’t get them too big otherwise it will cost you lots in cocoa ingredients to fill them up!

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