A woodland wedding fern bouquet with dove grey ribbon

Charlie / 13 August 2012

Fern bouquet

Not to long ago I did a two part feature on using ferns in your bridal or bridesmaid bouquets – one looking at bold and colourful arrangements, and the other focusing on a soft and neutral palette.  I hadn’t, however, featured any bouquets that were just purely ferns, mainly because I hadn’t seen any – until today.

Fern wedding bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet is made up of only ferns and I think it is so delicate and feminine, perfect for someone who wants a very pared down and natural bouquet.  Weddings that incorporate or reflect woodland settings have always had a following, but I hear on the grapevine that woodland weddings are set to be very popular next year – this fern bouquet would fit perfectly.

Fern bridal bouquet with dove grey ribbon

Are you planning on having a bouquet that features only one type of flower or foliage, or does the idea tempt you?  I would love to hear your ideas, and especially from anyone going for a full-on foliage bouquet.

Image: Edyta Szyszlo Photography via Green Wedding Shoes


Rosie on 16. August, 2012

This is so pretty! Love the dress, an unusual choice but it totally works. And as a fiddle player, I very much approve of the fiddles involvement!

Louise on 31. August, 2012

Lovely. I want a naturalistic foliage and small white flowers woodland boquet. (Had no idea it would be trending!) I keep seeing boquets I love, which feature maidenhair fern, but the florists I spoke to said it’s not commercially available and would probably wilt very quickly. Is there something that looks just as delicate but would survive the day in tact? Thanks.


CharlieB on 2. September, 2012

Hi Louise, your dream bouquet sounds gorgeous – I’m not sure myself an alternative to maidenhair fern, but I will ask some of the flower farmers on the directory and see if they have any suggestions and also post something on my Facebook page and I’ll be in touch if I get any tips xXx

tina byram on 3. September, 2012

Yes asparagus tops is wispy and will last ok. Veronica in white would look lovely with white asters


CharlieB on 3. September, 2012

Thanks Tina, I shall pass along your suggestions to my bride x

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