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Wedding flower carpet

I am always on the lookout for something new and original to share with you, so I was quite intrigued when I received an email from Camelia telling me about her wonderful business Sea Mandala and the flower carpets she helps you to create.

These flower carpets are a wonderful way to get your family and friends to create a unique piece of art at your wedding day, and look incredibly engaging for kids.

Children's activities at a wedding

Before Camelia got in touch I had never heard of a mandala or flower carpets, so I asked her a few questions to help understand the creative process…

So what is a flower carpet?  “A flower carpet is an art design that is created out of an exuberance of petals and other colourful natural material through the contributions of children and adults at a wedding ceremony.  It is a beautiful and aromatic space that creates a lasting impression on onlookers and participants alike and provides for wonderful unique photographs of the couple placing handfuls of petals onto the evolving design.

Eco wedding flower carpet

The design evolves through the energy of the people that pass through it and their contribution with a handful or more of the materials on display. Children love it and adults feel inspired to contribute a handful of material towards the evolving design through the duration of the wedding party.”

Wedding art activity with flower petals

What materials do you use to create the flower carpets?  “I source different natural materials depending on the season and what happens to be available around me or at the space at the time of the event. Each week there is something happening. I usually forage in parks for material fallen to the ground, or if anything is getting trimmed. Last year I was also given the deadheaded roses from Regent’s Park.

Natural flower petal wedding carpet

I also buy bulk dried material – pulses and spices, from Indian markets in London. And I also buy petal materials from wholesalers. But I usually buy flowers that are going a tad over so their petals are about to fall and the flower shops don’t want them but they work perfect for me.”

Children's wedding entertainment

How would you set up a flower carpet for a wedding and how do wedding guests get involved? “I create flower carpets by working to a brief and getting inspired through the particular people and event I design for. I design the shape of the canvass that holds the flower carpet and I kickstart the flower carpet by creating an engaging, unique and enchanting design that is inspired by the seasons, the couple, the event and the yogic tradition of mandala making.

Natural flower carpet

I select and gather the material, arrange them to integrate with the shape and I facilitate the evolution of the flower carpet until it culminates and the space is filled up. I also integrate special events throughout the flower carpet making such as Flower Showers and other unique occasions that inspire and enchant onlookers and those that are onto the canvass of the flower carpet.”

Eco-friendly children's wedding activity

Once a flower carpet is created, how can it be incorporating into a wedding day?  “It creates a setting for unique photos and a memorable experience. It’s a stunning space for onlookers and participants alike and provides great photo opportunities.”

Wedding flower petal carpet

To me, these gorgeous flower carpets from Sea Mandala look like a perfect way to get kids busy at a wedding, so if you have a lot of children coming to your wedding why not give them something creative to do that also creates a truly beautiful memory of your day.

Camelia’s work is inspired by the ecorituality work of Swami Satyananda at the Bihar Shcool of Yoga but she has adapted it to allow her to channel various creative opportunities that are relevant to people living in the UK.  Camelia is trained in Photojournalism, Art and Landscape Design, dance and yoga.

For full details on the services offered visit or contact Camelia at


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