Lithuanian natural farm wedding wedding

Rustic Lithuanian village wedding

It’s always nice to get inspiration from other countries and cultures when it comes to all aspects of life, but in particular I love seeing the way the other people celebrate their wedding days.  I am so excited that I get to share with you this gorgeous Lithuanian wedding shot by photographer Svetlana Batura (who also captured this timeless autumn wedding I featured).

Bride in a vintage dress

Svetlana took the time to tell me all about the wedding of Irminta and Artur and what they were inspired by, I particularly love the horse drawn cart ride for the bride and groom and their friends – more about that below!

Horse and farm cart wedding

Svetlana Batura Photography

Bride and bridesmaids white dresses

Irminta and Artur were inspired by their love of nature, old traditions, the naturalness they feel is missing from everyday life, and of their grandmother’s stories of village weddings.  They wanted to combine old and new styles to create a wedding day that was beautiful, fun and that celebrated their family traditions.

Rustic and traditional farm wedding

Traditional Lithuanian wedding

White bridesmaids dresses with leather belts

Those old village traditions and a more natural way of life is something close to Irminta and Artur’s hearts: “Every summer we are travelling a lot with a tent, across the country, to visit open air music festivals or just spending time somewhere far from the city, closer to nature.  We are big patriots of our country and believe that love of our country beings in our villages, forests, nature and people.”

Farm camping wedding

Wedding orchard photoshoot

Traditional Lithuanian village wedding

Lithuanian village wedding

Irminta’s bridesmaids all wore white dresses in different styles and a number of them with brown leather belts (I love this look), and in their hair they wore wreaths of greenery with tiny white flowers.

Lithuanian bride in preloved wedding dress

Bridesmaids with green wreaths

Groomsmen in braces and waistcoats

White spot lace vintage wedding dress

Artur and his ushers wore a mixture of waistcoats and braces, all in their own style with none of them matching, one wearing a tie and others wearing neck scarves – I think it’s so refreshing to see a not-too matched together look, both for the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Country groom in a tweet waistcoat

Groom and groomsmen in waistcoats

Their wedding ceremony took place in a pretty church before they were greeted with confetti and bubbles outside.

Lithuanian wedding

Vintage bride and bouquet

Bridesmaids green hair wreaths with white flowers

Lithuanian church wedding

Afterwards there were two horses and a village cart waiting for them and their friends – how cool is this!

Traditional wedding horse and cart

Bridesmaids and groomsmen

Horse and cart

Lithuanian wedding

Incredibly, Irminta, Artur and their friends took a leisurely 4 hour horse and cart journey to the village where the wedding celebration took place – I think this sounds utterly lovely.  Photographer Svetlana told me, “The 10km long journey took almost four hours – gravel roads, dust, hot sun, happy faces, celebrating and having a great time all the journey long.”

Farm horse and cart wedding

Meadow wedding

Wedding horse and cart

Fun Lithuanian farm wedding

Lithuanian wedding

Along the way there were plenty of opportunities to stop and take photographs in the stunning Lithuanian countryside…

Bride and groom haystack

Country wedding dress

Svetlana Batura Photography

Lithuanian farm wedding

Bridesmaids in white lace dresses

Lithuanian farm wedding

I love this welcoming party with the string of pretty yellow rudbeckia across the lane and a basket of flowers.

Lithuanian traditional village wedding

Wildflower flower crown

Traditional Lithuanian village wedding

When they arrived at the bride’s family home in a small village, they were greeted by a local country music band who played traditional Lithuanian songs.

Country music band

Lithuanian country wedding

Lithuanian village wedding

They chose to hold their wedding celebration at Irminta’s parent’s home as it had been in the family for many generations.  Photographer Svetlana told me, “It was chosen for the celebration as it was a place to run away from the noise of the city and to remember what nature looks like, to have a chance to catch a chicken, see what a field of rye looks like,  how tomatoes grow and so on.  All this was there in an authentic place where time stops.”

Svetlana Batura Photography

Family photographs

Farm wedding with vintage dress

Traditional Lithuanian village wedding

Bride and groom holding tomatoes

Rustic farm wedding

The whole day was put together with the help of family and friends who made decorations and the bride’s mother, who is a florist, created Irminta’s bouquet.

Rustic Lithuanian farm wedding

Svetlana Batura Photography

Country style groomsmen

Traditional village wedding

Wedding photographer Svetlana Batura summed up the day, “It was a really natural wedding with real emotions, love and peace.  The mood of the day was colourful, smiles, smiles and smiles.  It was unforgettable, not only for Irminta and Artur, but for me as well.”

Traditional Lithuanian country music band

Svetlana Batura Photography

Country style vintage wedding dress

Natural and rustic Lithuanian wedding

A huge thank you to photographer Svetlana Batura for allowing me to feature this gorgeous wedding here on the blog.  I really struggled to choose images as there were so many lovely ones, but I hope that like me you are soaking up this wedding.  I’m also a tinsy bit jealous of that gorgeous long cart ride they had to their wedding reception.

You can view more pictures from this beautiful wedding here.

If you’ve loved this wedding do leave your thoughts below, it’s always nice for a couple and photographer to get nice feedback and especially if you’ve been inspired by their wedding day choices.

Images: Svetlana Batura


mark tattersall on 10. July, 2012

Excellent feature Charlie, Where did you find that!? So nice to see something so different.

CharlieB on 10. July, 2012

Keeping my eyes peeled 🙂 It’s nice to find something a bit different and from another country/culture, really pleased you like it x

Julie Annis on 10. July, 2012

Beautiful – I love her dress. It kind of reminds me (in a good way) of those Timotei adverts in the 80’s. I so wanted to be that girl and have hair like hers.

Emma {Vintage Magpie} on 10. July, 2012

wowsers this is simply gorgeous and utterly refreshing. The love can be seen in every image…perfect! x

Erika Kiss on 11. July, 2012

Congratulation! I represent this style. I handmake Bridal veils, hair decorations. I love it.

evelina on 12. July, 2012

I loved your photos, and the rustic wedding theme has inspired me. I would like to have similar theme. Good job!

michele on 20. July, 2012

I feel slightly light headed!…. This wedding is unreal.. I totally LOVE it… I want her dress.. I want to be wearing it now and I want to climb in the pictures and be a guest! No a Bridesmaid… =)

jennie hill on 26. September, 2012

I just love this wedding I think it’s the best photography I’ve seen in a long time.
Svetlana Batura is a great photographer beautiful light I can only but dream to be that good.. Charlie please try and find more work like this!!

Laura McCluskey on 2. October, 2012

Love this wedding. The photography is so good – beautiful colours


Sarah Falugo on 23. October, 2012

Yes please Charlie – more like this – how lovely to see different cultural weddings. I want to photograph them – so exciting to think of all the different things which happen in various countries and different cultures in regards to weddings!

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Monique on 9. October, 2013

can you tell me the differences between Lithuanian wddings & American Weddings?

CharlieB on 15. October, 2013

Hi Monique, I’m afraid I don’t really know what the differences are between Lithuanian and American weddings – sorry 🙁

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Sanja Zaric on 20. October, 2014

So inspiring! I love love love the theme of nature and cultural traditions for the wedding. Reminds me so much of my Serbian family traditions. I will definitely keep this wedding in mind when I plan my future wedding. Thank you for sharing! xo

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Jennifer Hanson on 31. May, 2015

Where did this wedding dress code from?? I would love to have one like it!!

CharlieB on 7. June, 2015

Hi Jennifer, apologies but sadly I don’t know 🙁

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Mark on 27. January, 2016

really like the idea in both the grooms party & the brides that the designs are ‘linked’ but each individual is different. This really works so well & is refreshing from the normal Western weddings where all look the same. I will follow this idea when my fiancée from Ukraine starts to plan – I think she will like too! Thank you for sharing – photography is brilliant.

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