Cooling lollies, ice cream, popsicles and snow cones for a hot summer wedding


Edible flower ice lollies

It will come as no surprise that today’s blog post has been inspired by this sudden hot summer weather we have been graced with in the UK.  For a while now I’ve been collecting together a few ice cream inspired ideas for weddings, and there didn’t seem like any better time to share them with you than this week.

These ideas are by no means confined to weddings, so whether you’re having a barbeque with friends, celebrating your birthday during the summer months, or if you just fancy making ices for yourself and your partner then read on…

Edible flower ice lollies

Edible flower ice lollies

I had to start with my favourite find – ice lollies filled with edible flower petals!  This is such a neat idea and I really want to try this out for myself, I’m not sure how much flavour the petals add but none-the-less I LOVE this idea.  Dreamt up by Marla Meridith of Family Fresh Cooking and her kids, there’s even a recipe to make these fragrant orange blossom popsicles with their colourful petals suspended in the ice.

Edible flower ice popsicles

As Marla recommends, only use organic, un-sprayed petals from flowers that you know are edible.  You can either grow them at home (that way you know exactly what’s gone on them) or buy them online from somewhere like Maddocks Farm Organics in Devon.  They would make a lovely refreshing treat on a hot day for your wedding guests.

Ice cream in kilner jars

Most people are still loving kilner jars or mason jars (if you’re in America) for all kinds of different uses in weddings, so why not use them to hold individual portions of ice cream for your wedding guests?

Ice cream in mini kilner jars

Easy to prepare ahead of time if you have a chest freezer (in fact, I think a chest freezer would be a must!), simply scooping ice cream into small kilner jars, sealing them up and popping them in the freezer or in buckets of ice if done not too far in advance.  They would look great served in old tin baths of ice and perhaps with those cute wooden spoons that are also biodegradable (available from Little Cherry).

Naturally flavoured snow cones

Natural snow cones

Despite absolutely loving snow cones, I’m not sure how viable this is for UK weddings purely because I’ve never seen them here.  For anyone who’s not familiar with what a snow cone is, they are small paper cones filled with very finely crushed ice and then drizzled with a flavoured syrup.

Snow cone van for weddings

I have only ever had them during the few years I lived in America as a teenager – in particular, I remember a July 4th celebration with a fun fair in the town where we lived, and snow cones were the perfect remedy for the baking hot weather.

Snow cones

Back in my teenager years the syrups were brightly coloured and no doubt full of E-numbers, so it’s lovely to hear that there are some natural versions popping up in the States, like Fresher than Fresh (1st two snow cones pics) whose snow cones are 100% natural and include flavours like blackberry lavender, watermelon basil, and espresso & mexican cane sugar – yum!!

Frozen yoghurt popsicles

For a bit of a twist on ice cream, why not serve frozen yoghurt to your guests, which I hear is a bit healthier.  Funnily enough, I ate lots of frozen yoghurt also when I lived in the States as a teenager, so I can highly recommend it.  You can make it yourself, try a recipe from a reputable blog like this one from 101 Cookbooks – I’ve also made a nice version with pureed fresh fruit swirled through it.

Frozen yoghurt popsicles

I particularly like these ones which fade from pale pink to a brighter pink, which could easily be achieved by layering fruit puree and the frozen yoghurt mixture in your ice lolly moulds.

Do you make your own ice cream or ice lollies?  What are your favourite flavours and do you have any good recipes to share with everyone?  

Who else from the UK has had snow cones and who else is planning a trip to Kansas City to try a Fresher than Fresh snow cone??  

Images: (1 – 3)  Family Fresh Cooking; (4) Pen n’ Paperflowers; (5 + 6) Steven Michael via 100 Layer Cake; (7) Garrett Grove via 100 Layer Cake; (8) Verses From My Kitchen


karen on 24. May, 2012

Love this post – we want an old fashioned ice cream van at our wedding – looks so much fun!

Ruth Ridley on 24. May, 2012

A really timely post! Cooling down just looking at it. Beautiful.

celia lacy on 24. May, 2012

wow! these are the prettiest lollies i’ve ever seen – i never knew lollies could be SO beautiful!

Julie Annis on 28. May, 2012

These are brilliant ideas Charlie. Particularly love the petal in ice lollies. Also – just checking did you get my email? Wasn’t sure if perhaps it got lost on the way so just thought I’d touch base. All the best!

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