photobooth and luggage tag wedding invitation

If you don’t want to do anything too complicated for your wedding invitations then this idea might be perfect for you, whilst still being fun and personal to you as a couple.  A photobooth style strip of pictures (with details on the back) and a brown luggage tag fastened together with string.

Making the photobooth style pictures

Both these items could be printed at home – there are lots of photo programmes that allow you to make collages like these (I like Photoscape which is free to download), so you could take some pictures and put them into a collage to create a photobooth style strip without having to leave home.  This would enable you to easily print details onto the back of the photos too.

Creating the luggage tags

Brown luggage tags come in all sizes so you could find the right size for you and simply stamp a message like they have done here onto the front.  If you wanted to include more details printed directly onto the luggage tag, then you can print onto recycled brown card (available from some of these businesses) then cut them out and trim the corners to make them appear like a luggage tag.

You can punch a hole and stick on the hole reinforcers (brown ones are available from Etsy if you search for ‘reinforcements’ under ‘All Items’) and they should look just like a ready bought luggage tag, but with all the details you want printed on – and no nightmare thoughts of how you put a luggage tag through your home printer!!

I love fonts, and am a regular visitor to Dafont in search of fun fonts.  I believe (this shows how much of a font geek I am) that the font used on the brown luggage tag in the pictures, is one called Artistamp Medium.  I love it and use it quite a lot, if you take a look at my Directory Showcase features it is used on my graphics.  You should be able to type the name into the Dafont search engine and download it for home use.

Alternatively, print your details onto paper and glue them onto the back of the luggage tags like they have done here.  You could also jazz up your invitations by using coloured raffia or stripey butcher twine instead of white string.

What do you think?  Anyone think they might try these out for their invitations?  I’d love to see some pictures if you create something similar.

*Update 11/04/12*

Due to a couple of requests to know what details were included on these fun wedding invitations, I got in touch with Kirsty from thisandthatphotography who’s invites they were.  She’s kindly taken a closer photo of the back of the invites and sent me the details so you can see what they included.

photobooth and luggage tag wedding invitation

personal wedding invitation wording

Images: (1) thisandthat photography via Beyond Beyond; (2+3) thisandthat photography


marie lam on 17. February, 2012

I love this idea.Im going to use this for my wedding invitations.Im glad i came across your blog x

CharlieB on 17. February, 2012

Hi Marie, I’m delighted you are going to use this idea for your wedding invitations – if you would like to share any pictures of your finished invitations please do email me some – I’d love to see how they turn out x

Sian James on 18. February, 2012

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thank you so much!
Absolutely going to use this for my wedding!
Thanks again!!! x

CharlieB on 18. February, 2012

Hi Sian, so lovely to hear you love it! I just wish I could come up with such simple but clever ideas, I must get away from the computer and get back to being creative a bit more. Hope yours turn out wonderfully and as always would love you to email a picture of your finished designs xXx

Sian James on 18. February, 2012

Tell me about it, I seem to spend hours in the wrong place…trying to be creative!!! Of course I’ll send you some pictures, although the wedding isn’t for another 18 months so it won’t be straight away 🙂
Sian xx

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Kirsty on 20. February, 2012

So pleased to see that you all love my wedding invites. They went down a storm and people still have them hanging up on fridges and pin boars even though we got married nearly 5 months ago!

Kirsty – thisandthat photography.

louise on 6. April, 2012


Absolutely LOVE these, and looking at possibly stealing it :o)

We’re still trying to work out text etc. Would you mind letting me know what text you had on yours?



CharlieB on 10. April, 2012

Hi Louise, unfortunately these weren’t my wedding invitations, but I have been in touch with the girl whose they were and I will send her an email and try and get back to you with details on what they included. Love Charlie xXx

Jooles on 10. April, 2012

Love love love these! Id love to know what text is on the back too please 🙂


Jooles xx

CharlieB on 10. April, 2012

Hi Jooles, lovely that you’d like to know too – I’m working on getting a picture of the text from Kirsty (who’s invites they are) and will hopefully be able to update the blog post so everyone can see xXx

Kirsty on 10. April, 2012

Hi all – Ill try and take a photo of the back and the wording for you all.

So glad they are a big hit!

Kirsty – thisandthat photography.

Kylie on 29. April, 2012

Please could you tell me what’s written on the back of the photos too?

We need to get some invites together for our last minute wedding (21 June, just booked!), and this looks like something I can do quite easily! Would really appreciate your help – these look awesome and we would love to recreate!

CharlieB on 30. April, 2012

Hi Kylie, thanks for your message – if you look at the bottom of the blog post you’ll see it’s been updated with an image of the back of the luggage tags, and an image of the actual text. Hope that helps and best wishes with planning your wedding xXx

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K.H. on 11. July, 2012

I love these invites and I am thinking of making them for my wedding. I am mailing them out though, so how would I go about doing that? Would they fit in a regular envelope?

CharlieB on 12. July, 2012

Hi K.H. I’m not entirely sure about whether they’d fit in a regular envelope as these were a design by someone else – however, if you are printing them yourselves onto brown card and cutting out to make the luggage tag, then I would just recommend trialling some out and making sure you make them a size that fits in an standard envelope. I don’t know whether you are UK based, but if you are then it’s also worth considering the size as if they end up being a ‘large’ stamp then you’ll have to pay more 🙂 Hope that helps xXx

felicity on 21. July, 2012

Hi there!
I absolutely love this idea. im thinking of using the luvgage tag idea however i’ve looked on the dafont website and cant find the font. Do you know if they have removed it or changed its name??

CharlieB on 23. July, 2012

Hi Felicity, thanks for your message – I had a search myself and can’t seem to find it either – how strange! Anyway, I Googled it and quite a few websites came up, I tried the first link and you seem to be able to get it here. Do just search for ‘Artistamp Medium’ and I think you should be able to find somewhere to download it from xXx

SJ on 25. July, 2012

I love these and we are definitely going for something along these lines! Thanks for the great idea. Could you please tell me how you printed the labels though..?! We are hoping to make our own, but not sure how to go about the printing! Thanks muchly! xx

CharlieB on 25. July, 2012

Hi SJ, thanks for your message and so glad you’ve been inspired. Could you confirm which bit you mean when you say labels? My guess it the brown luggage labels/tags, but I wanted to make sure before I started giving out my thoughts on the wrong bit! Charlie xXx

SJ on 25. July, 2012

Hey Charlie – thanks! I think i’ve actually sussed it out, you guys have used a white lable and printed up your ‘invite’ as such and stuck it on the tag?
I’m now having issues of where to find a photo booth printing template!! Rather than having three photos of us, we are going to have one of us, one of our venue and one of the date (this is the plan!), but I can’t find a site that will let me upload photos to do this!! Thanks so much for your help! xx

CharlieB on 26. July, 2012

Hi SJ, these weren’t actually my own invitations, but yes the white ‘label’ you mention I think is just printed onto white paper and glued to the tag. I would recommend just using a picture editing software that allows you to combine images or make a collage – I use a free one called Photoscape, where you can combine images – so you could select your three pictures, set the size then place them in a column, before adding a white border between them. You can download Photoscape online, or I’m sure there’s others that allow you to do something similar xXx

SJ on 25. July, 2012

… i have one last question! Any ideas for order of service to go with the invites?! Thanks!! xx

CharlieB on 26. July, 2012

Hi SJ, as these weren’t my invitations I’m not sure off the top of my head what you could do to create an order of service in a similar style – although, I suppose you could create a booklet of luggage tag shaped pages a bit like the invites, fasten with twine or string through the hole at the top, then the order of service details on luggage tags. That could be quite fun 🙂 xXx

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Helen on 6. August, 2012

Hi CharlieB
Both my partner & i love the idea of these 🙂
We are going to attempt to create them but we do not have a printer at home, other than a photo booth do you reckon we could get the pictures developed like this in boots/tescos etc?
Also we are also having trouble with the fonts, would who ever created the wording happen to have a template we could use?
Any advice would be grately appreciated.


CharlieB on 6. August, 2012

Hi Helen, it’s great to hear that you’re going to try making them yourselves. I used a programme called Photoscape (it’s free to download and use if you just Google it) and you can create collages on there – so you could use something like that to create the photobooth style pictures. There is a great printers called A Local Printer who quite a few couples have used, so you could get in touch with them and see if they could print them for you? Otherwise you could try somewhere like Boots, but I’m not familiar with the type of printing services they offer.

With regards to the fonts – are you just having a problem laying them out? Perhaps you could try creating a simpler layout, as unless you have graphic design software it’s much more difficult to get the layout how you want. If you are using Word you could create a text box that’s the size you want the text, then write inside it with the fonts you want.

I hope that is somewhat helpful! If you’re still struggling do get in touch with me by email and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

Laura on 7. August, 2012

Love these invites and trying to create them for my sisters wedding
I have found the artistamp font.
Please can you tell me what the other fonts are.

CharlieB on 9. August, 2012

Hi Laura, I’ve messaged Kirsty who made these invites but haven’t heard back yet. You could always try looking for some other fonts you like on free font websites – there are loads to choose from and you might even find some you like more 🙂

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Kirsty on 20. August, 2012

Hi all, so sorry for not getting in touch sooner – I had a baby and life has not really been the same.

I really cant believe that so many of you love my design so much.

Just to help you guys out:

*brown tags – ebay
*we had stamps made for the front ‘wedding/evening invitation’ and the date
*printed on to card for details on the back and then stuck on to the tag
*they fit in a normal envelope
*other fonts that i used (3 in total): artiststamp
georgia, Gloucester MT.
* I did also make order of service and a little love story – of which I can take photos of and maybe Charlie can post on here for you all too see.
*I do also have a psd template – I used photoshop and took the photos myself on selftime (helps that im a photographer)

If you like these invites so much, you might like to see some of our wedding photos too, it all followed this sort of theme. If anyone is interested please let me know and ill sort out a link.

I hope i have answered all the questions….

Thanks for all the invite love.
Kirsty. (thisandthat photography) x

Jazz on 28. August, 2012

Hi I was wondering what are dimension of craft tags and paper with pictures…thanks….I love this!!!!!

CharlieB on 28. August, 2012

Hi Jazz, so pleased you love this idea. I’m not sure on the dimensions as this wasn’t something I made, however I know that you can buy craft tags in a wide range of sizes, from tiny to quite large – perhaps if you have a search and see what sizes are available you can find something that will work for you? Best wishes, Charlie xXx

jazz on 29. August, 2012

Thank you a lot, I think I’ll need the xl size 😀

Katie on 13. September, 2012


I really love these wedding invites and I’m in the process of trying to make my own version of!
I have just read Kirsty’s last post and I would really love to see her order of service design as I am a bit stuck on what to do for that! Some photos from the wedding would also no doubt be of great help as I am too trying to follow this theme through!
Could I also ask what text is written on the back of the photo strip? Do you have a photo of this?

Many Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you 🙂 x

CharlieB on 17. September, 2012

Hi Katie, so pleased you love these invites and are going to make your own version 🙂 I will email Kirsty about getting some photos and details of her order or service and anything else that might help. On the back of the photo strip is a poem, something that was personal to Kirsty and her fiancee – so you could pop anything you wanted on here. Best wishes and I’ll try to get some pics of the order of service up on the blog xXx

SJ on 21. September, 2012

Hello again! I’m sorry, you must be fed up with questions on these, but they are so pretty! I wanted to know what kind of size of luggage tag Kirsty used and where she got them from! Also – if she could tell us where/if online she got the photo strips from, as I am struggling!! Thank you ladies!! xx

Matt on 7. October, 2012

Hi Charlie, really love these invites and am possiblly gonna try and make my own, can you tell me about the photo editing programme that you recommended? is it safe to download? and is it easy to use. I have also made some homemade save the dates which I have used vintage postcards of the place i am getting married, then i have added sticker stamps of us which I had made, finally a rubber stamp (which looks like a postage mark with the save the date and our initials on, if you would like to see them i could email them to you?

CharlieB on 13. October, 2012

Hi Matt, great to hear you’re planning to make something similar. The photo editing programme I mentioned, Photoscape, seems to have been safe to download and easy to use once you’ve had a look around. Do check it out for yourself before downloading to make sure you’re happy with it, I’m always quite cautious about downloading things but this seems to have been fine for me. Thank you so much for emailing through your save the dates – they are beautiful and I’ll be replying to your shortly xXx

russell brown on 8. October, 2012

What are the fonts used on the back of the tag? I have Artistamp Medium but not the serif font used.

Great looking design by the way

CharlieB on 13. October, 2012

Hi Russell, I’m not sure so I’ve got in touch with Kirsty who’s wedding invitations they were to find out for you, will let you know if I hear back x

Lynn on 17. October, 2012

I am also going to have a go at making these. How did you create the text on the back of the tag. Did you use word? Im not sure how to create the fonts and have things different sizes side by side.
Dave – I would love to see what you have created.

CharlieB on 18. October, 2012

Hi Lynn, these weren’t made by me but I imagine the text on the back of the tag might have been done in a graphic design programme. However, I would suggest that you give it a go in Word – as long as use text boxes you can place them next to each however you like, and change the fonts and sizes easily. Hope that might help xXx

Steph on 7. November, 2012

These are amazing, I’m making a variation of these for my wedding 😀

If you ever do post the order of service will you link back to it here in the comments so we can see, It would be great to see the theme carried throughout.

CharlieB on 7. November, 2012

Hi Steph, so pleased that you like this lovely wedding invitation design and that you’re planning to make something similar for your own wedding. I’ll follow up on the order of service and be sure to share details here if I am able to share it xXx

Miriam on 18. November, 2012

These all look fab and have picked up some great ideas, just wondered what you had used to put the tags and photo botth pictures in to send out to guests, where did you get approrpriate sized envelopes from! xxx

CharlieB on 22. November, 2012

Hi Miriam as these weren’t my invites I’m not sure on the size of envelope used, but I would recommend mocking up your invites and then finding an appropriate envelope for them – I did this with ours and discovered they were quite thick, so had to make sure I could fit it all in the envelope 🙂

Miriam on 18. November, 2012

Also wanted to ask about the love story idea? And would love to see photos and a link to them would be great:) xxx

CharlieB on 22. November, 2012

Hi again Miriam, I’ll chase this up and see if I can get some pictures to share – I did something that sounds similar to this for our order of services, I did a little timeline across two pages and popped a couple of pictures of us at key/funny dates to give our guests something to read whilst they waited for me to arrive, it was also a nice way to share with people who might not known how we met. I realise I’ve never shared a picture of this, but perhaps I will consider doing it now 🙂

Lara on 28. November, 2012

Hi – Thank you for the inspiration. I have just finished sending out all of my invites and used this idea only slightly different. We used photos we already had from the day we met etc they look so amazing and unique and i have had so many compliments and people saying how awesome they are!! Im using the left over brown tags for the place settings to go onto the crackers at the dinner tables as its a christmas wedding!

CharlieB on 28. November, 2012

Hi Lara, it’s so lovely to hear you’ve been inspired by these and that you’ve made something similar for your own wedding. How fantastic to have photos from the first day you met! If you would consider sending me some pictures of your invitations I would love to see them, you can email me at xXx

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Harriet on 12. January, 2013

I love this idea and am currently trying to get it all typed up on the computer, what fonts was it you used? struggling to find it 🙁 x

Harriet on 12. January, 2013

appologies!! I’ve just had a read through and seen it on here, thanks you!

CharlieB on 13. January, 2013

Hi Harriet, glad to hear you’ve found the details you were after 🙂

Natalie on 16. January, 2013

Hi 🙂 I have been trailing the Internet for WEEKS to find something exactly like this!! I’ve had a read through all the comments & get what I need to do with the pics, fonts etc but I was just wondering if you knew what size the luggage tags were? I know pictures can be deceiving & don’t really want to order the wrong ones from eBay! Lol would be much appreciated, thanks 🙂 x

CharlieB on 25. January, 2013

Hi Natalie, thanks for your message – these weren’t my invites so I’m not sure what size the luggage tags were. I would recommend seeing what sort of size you want your invites to be (with the information you’ve got to include) and going from there, plus checking envelope sizes – it could save you some money on stamps if you keep them below a large letter size xXx

Kirsty - thisandthat photography (I MADE THE INVITES) on 30. January, 2013

CHARLIE – I AM GOING TO GET THE ORDER OF SERVICE TO YOU WITH OUT FAIL. So sorry for the delay it is manic this end.

LOVE how many people are inspired by my design.

If there are more questions that need answering, whizz me an email and ill try my best to answer quickly. xxxx

Gillian on 2. April, 2013

omg! amazing invitations just bought everything there and downloads all i could, one question where did you get the stamp for the wedding invitation and dates please thanks for sharing and thanks for your help xx

CharlieB on 3. April, 2013

Hi Gillian, I wasn’t sure what you meant by the stamp – could you let me know more details of what you meant so I can try and help 🙂

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Claire on 16. June, 2013

I would love to see the order of service please as these invites are amazing and so unique it’s exactly what we want 🙂 do u need any info from me so I can see it please?

CharlieB on 5. July, 2013

Hi Claire, I will try and look into getting some pictures of the order of service from Kirsty xXx

Hayley on 29. July, 2013

Hello, I was wondering if you had any idea what size the luggage tag Kirsty had used?.

I am doing a similar idea, my tags are 120mm by 60mm, I have put my details on paper and used word to copy and paste my fonts however when it comes to printing it isn’t that great to see or that clear.

Any ideas would be helpful,


CharlieB on 12. August, 2013

Hi Hayley, sorry for the delay in replying – I got in touch with Kirsty and she said they were just a standard size label, but she’s going to try and find one and measure it for you. If she manages to find one, I’ll leave the measurements here in a comment for you. Best wishes, Charlie xXx

Oceane Marti on 4. January, 2014

Hello I’m getting married in june 2014 and I’d definatly try this out!!!
Thanks for sharing great idea!!!! It’s super unique and personal!!!!!
Will post some pics when i got these done 🙂


Mr et Mme Marti de Bordeaux, France

oceane on 7. January, 2014

hello can you please tell me which photoscope?because i cant find anyone look as nice as those photobooth ;( Merci!!!

CharlieB on 8. January, 2014

Hi Oceane, thanks for your comment – I didn’t make these invitations, so I was suggesting ways you could make a similar photobooth style photo using a simple photo editing software that allows you to make photos into a collage xXx

Sophie on 19. January, 2014

Love these! I would also love to know what size tags Kirsty used as I can’t seem to find large ones! Xxxx

CharlieB on 21. January, 2014

Hi Sophie, unfortunately I don’t know what size the tags are, but have you tried ebay?

Oceane Marti on 24. January, 2014

Hello Charlie and Kristy

Can you please let me know how to create the detail ? which software are you using? Thanks for your help!!! I’m stressed out!!

Have a nice weekend.

CharlieB on 25. January, 2014

Hi Oceane, sorry to hear you’re stressed out – as it wasn’t me who created these I’m not entirely sure, but I’m pretty sure Kirsty used Photoshop to create them. Is it the details on the back of the photos? Or the back of the card tag? If it’s the back of the card tag, Kirsty replied in a comment above the following: “printed on to card for details on the back and then stuck on to the tag”. If it’s the bit on the back of the photos I’m not sure, it’s never easy doing things like that back-to-back!

Oceane Marti on 24. January, 2014

the details at the back of the invites

Oceane Marti on 28. January, 2014

Hi Charlie

Thanks for your answer 🙂 I wonder where I can order the stamp ” Wedding Invitation + date)?

Thanks for your time


Rach Bates on 3. February, 2014

Hi all

I am in the process of making these myself and found the best stamp quote from

They came back to me really quickly with my request – I have got 2 x stamps (one with ‘Wedding Invite’ and 1 with ‘Evening Invite’ along with our date on each) and an ink pad for £30, incl postage. This is to fit on 146mm x 73mm extra large tags (purchased from ebay)

Hope this helps x

Kathy O Keeffe on 5. April, 2014

Love these! Has anyone a photo of how there’s turned out like?

Ally on 29. July, 2014

I was wondering if any of the order of services that the original bride talked about have a link to view?


CharlieB on 3. August, 2014

Hi Ally, I’m sorry but I haven’t received any photos or links of the order of the services mentioned 🙁

Nicole on 15. August, 2014

Hi! Thought I’d try once more… did anyone get their paws on the dimensions of the tags and order of service? 🙂

Thank you!

Bloggers say I do! | Alexia Zaradouka - Love4Weddings on 2. October, 2014


Kathy on 14. November, 2014

Made these…they were a big hit! 🙂
Got scalloped ivory luggage tags on ebay one for invitation and a mini one for rsvp and then photostrip…attached it all together with ribbon same colour as the bridesmaid dresses!
Very pleased with end result! 🙂

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evelyn on 11. February, 2015

Hi There,

I love this idea – does any body have an example or pic of theirs — Kathy above do you — if you can message me that would be amazing

CharlieB on 11. February, 2015

Hi Evelyn, if you check out this link to my Facebook page I’ve shared lots of versions of some of the invitations and save the dates made my readers, you’ll find a few of the photobooth one there

Ben on 17. May, 2015

Hi, does anyone know what the other fonts are on the invitation, it would really save me time and effort if you did.

CharlieB on 21. May, 2015

Hi Ben, I searched back through the comments and Kirsty who’s invites they were left the following comment: *other fonts that i used (3 in total): artiststamp, georgia, Gloucester MT.
Best wishes, Charlie x

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