wild and loose September bouquet from BareBlooms

I thought it would be nice to follow up from Rhiannon and Richard’s wild and natural Welsh wedding (it’s so beautiful – you must have a look if you haven’t seen it already) with more details of the wild looking bouquet Rhiannon carried.  The bouquet in question was created by the wonderful Chloe of BareBlooms who is featured in The Natural Wedding Company directory.

seasonal September bouquet from BareBlooms

I got in touch with Chloe to find out exactly what flowers she used to create Rhiannon’s bouquet, and to find out what look she had been asked to create.  Chloe told me, “Rhiannon was so relaxed about her bouquet – she wanted something loose and wild and not too fussy.”

wild wedding bouquet

So what flowers did Rhiannon’s wild and loose bouquet include?  “Rhiannon’s bouquet contained larkspur, echinacea, Dahlias, sage, cornflowers, cosmos, campanula lactiflora, sweet peas, nigella, fennel, verbena bonariensis, scabious, alchemilla, gaura lindheimeri, and jasmine.”

BareBlooms natural wild wedding bouquet

Chloe told me that just a few days before the wedding, Rhiannon got in touch to see if she could get two small posies for the bridesmaids.  Their bouquets were similar to Rhiannon’s, “but Cosmos and Dahlias were more prominent, as well as some mint and asters, which weren’t in Rhiannon’s bouquet.”

natural bridesmaid posies with seasonal flowers

Do you like knowing the types of flowers and foliage that make up a bouquet?  Would you like to see more blog features like this to help you know what kinds of flowers are available seasonally?


Holly on 4. February, 2012

Thanks for this! I’d definitely be interested in hearing more about seasonal flowers. Love this bouquet! It’s really beautiful!

CharlieB on 4. February, 2012

Lovely to hear you like this bouquet and will try and bring more details on what flowers are in season when xXx

Caitriona on 5. April, 2012

Love this piece! I’m looking for summer wildflowers and found this helpful. I know a few of these flowers will also be in season then. The bouquet is gorgeous!

CharlieB on 5. April, 2012

Thanks for your lovely message Caitriona – how lovely to be planning a summer wildflower bouquet. If you need any help or advice on what other flowers might be in season do get in touch xXx

Kelly on 11. February, 2013

Lovely naturally balanced flowers can’t wait for bare blooms to create our wedding flowers!

CharlieB on 11. February, 2013

Kelly you lucky thing having BareBlooms doing your wedding flowers 🙂 What time of year are you getting married? X

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