tying the knot rustic save the dates

The joys of having a photographer husband-to-be!  If you’re the lovely Lisa, one of my blog readers, it means you can make pretty wedding details and get great pictures of them – which in turn means lovely photos to share with you all.

raffia save the dates

Lisa was inspired by my own rustic ‘save the dates’ and got in touch to share hers – I think they are so beautiful and they incorporate a really neat extra that Lisa found on this blog whilst searching for inspiration – a twine knot.

tying the knot handmade save the date

So Lisa combined two ideas – the brown folded card ‘save the date’ that we made, which didn’t need an envelope and was tied like a tiny parcel with raffia, and a sweet idea that when you open the card the knot in the piece of twine tightens, so you literally ‘tie the knot’.

tying the knot brown card save the date

I never realised that when I dreamt up and made our ‘save the dates’ that they would be so loved by other couples.  There is something about the recycled rustic brown card and simple black text that just works so wonderfully together.

twine and brown card save the dates

I’m so delighted to hear about other brides-to-be being inspired by our handmade ‘save the dates’ and to see their final creations.  It’s also particuarly lovely to be able to share them with you, as I know this sort of style has been really popular on the blog – so if you’ve been inspired by our ‘save the dates’ do get in touch with some pictures, perhaps one day I’ll be able to do a post sharing them all as a big collage.

eco-friendly brown craft card save the dates

Many thanks to Lisa and her husband Matt for sharing their ‘save the date’ cards with us!

Images: Matt Brown Photography


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Claire on 4. April, 2012

These look absolutely fab!.. but just wondering where you got the large image of the dandelion type plant on the right hand side – I have been looking for something similar for my invites?
Thanks! Claire x

CharlieB on 4. April, 2012

Hi Claire, I’ve been in touch with Lisa who made those save the dates, and it was an image she scanned. My recommendation would be to have a look at the nature fonts on DaFont as they have lots of beautiful flower fonts which make great images. If you don’t find anything you like I can speak to Lisa about sharing the image with you. Do let me know how you get on! xXx

Jamie Fitzwater on 18. April, 2012

These are amazing!!!!! I am definitely going to use this idea for my wedding. I fell in love with these the moment I saw them. I am so thankful there are creative people like you out there to help the non-creative people like me.

Samantha on 2. May, 2012

I was wondering the size of the paper they used?

CharlieB on 8. May, 2012

Hi Samantha, I’ve been in touch with Lisa and they used A4 card with 3 save the dates to a page, just like I did for our save the dates Hope that helps xXx

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Chelsea on 16. June, 2012

Does she sell this ?

CharlieB on 18. June, 2012

Hi Chelsea, I don’t believe she does I think it was just made for her wedding. You can check out this link which tells you how I made mine (which inspired this ‘tying the knot’ version) and you should find a link to how to make the knot part on this blog post xXx

On a Happy Note | the lazy afternoon on 18. June, 2012

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Clive on 24. June, 2012

These are brilliant! I’m definately going to make these for our wedding! I was wondering however, what thickness the card was? I.e 180gsm? 220gsm?


CharlieB on 25. June, 2012

Hi Clive, thanks for your message – these save the dates were inspired by my originals which you can see here with the ‘how to’ guide – I believe we used 280gsm card for these as they don’t have an envelope and I wanted to ensure they were strong enough to be posted. I would recommend buying some sample thicknesses of card and testing them through your printer first.

Clive on 24. June, 2012

One more question: will the raffa interfere with the post office’s franking machines?

CharlieB on 25. June, 2012

Hi Clive, we tested one of our save the dates through the post first before sending them all out – the raffia didn’t seem to cause us any problems, but again like the thickness of card I would recommend sending a test save the date through the post to yourselves to make sure it arrives safely. If in doubt, speak to someone at your local post office. Best wishes, Charlie x

Clive on 25. June, 2012

Thanks, Charlie, that’s great to hear. I’ll order some now:-)

Claire on 30. June, 2012

Hi Charlie,

Can you ask Lisa if she would share the image of the flower used on her save the dates?



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Elinor on 5. July, 2012

Hi, I was wondering where you got the card from? We have been trying to make rustic save the date cards like these but are really struggling to find the right brown card. LOVE these by the way!

CharlieB on 6. July, 2012

Hi Elinor, there are full details on my original blog post (which inspired one of my readers to create this ‘tying the knot’ version) of where we bought the card from (here, plus there are a couple of suppliers here so do have a look and see which is the kind you like. I hope that helps xXx

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shaniah on 30. July, 2012

Hi i was wondering if these are had written? 🙂

CharlieB on 30. July, 2012

Hi Shaniah, these save the dates aren’t hand written, they use free downloadable fonts – you can find the original save the dates and instructions (including what fonts they were) on my original blog post about my save the dates: I hope that helps xXx

Britney on 31. July, 2012

I am wondering if you made those by hand or did you order them? Please let me know. Thank you

CharlieB on 1. August, 2012

Hi Britney, these are made by hand, there is full details in the blog post along with a link to the original save the dates that inspired them. Best wishes, Charlie xXx

Save the Dates | The Manor House Bride on 20. August, 2012

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Amy on 24. August, 2012

Hi Lisa! I LOVE how you have done these cards! I purchased the material to do these based off Charlotte’s blog. I just purchased the template from Charlotte and am trying to tweak it to match your layout so I can put more words on the right (about letting people know to email if they can’t come) and I just can’t get it to fit and every time I attempt to edit it, it gets completely messed up. Would you be willing to share your template with me?

Erika on 4. September, 2012

I love this idea and want to make them for my wedding but that website no longer ships to anywhere but the UK and Ireland for their paper I’m having the hardest time finding something comparable any ideas ? In need of your help ! Thanks 🙂

CharlieB on 4. September, 2012

Hi Erika, where do you live and I can see if I know of anywhere that supplies similar paper – I’m guessing it’s the brown card you’re after? Have you tried searching on Ebay or Etsy for something similar? Drop me an email if you have any other questions and I’m more than happy to help in any way I can xXx

Erika on 5. September, 2012

I found some at office max today 🙂 thank you so much though !

CharlieB on 5. September, 2012

Hi Erika, great to hear you found something similar – happy making! xXx

Heather Blaylock on 13. September, 2012

On these did you use a seal like on the other blog post


or just tie the raffia on it to seal it?

CharlieB on 17. September, 2012

Hi Heather, these save the dates were made by a TNWC reader, but I don’t believe they used the heart seal like I made for our save the dates. I think you could do either yourself, the raffia should be enough to keep them sealed in the post, but if you wanted to be extra sure then I would suggest sealing them in some way. Best wishes, Charlie xXx

Ashley on 22. October, 2012

Has anyone mailed these in the US? If so, what kind of stamp did you purchase?

CharlieB on 23. October, 2012

Hi Ashley, hopefully someone might be able to get back to you about this, but if not my recommendation would be to make up a sample save the date and take it to your post office to find out what stamp it would need. I sent out an example to myself in the post to check it reached me ok before sending out everyone elses.

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Lisa on 11. December, 2012

LOVE!! i’m getting married this coming spring and am seriously considering making and using these. Thank you!!

Brittany on 21. December, 2012

Absolutely gorgeous! Is there step by step directions for the “tying the knot” for a not so crafty person :p

CharlieB on 21. December, 2012

Hi Brittany, I had a look on the original link but there aren’t actual step-by-step directions. I think what you need to do is pierce a small hole (or using a small single hole punch) in the middle of each end of your card. Then take your length of twine or string, tie a very loose knot (make sure you don’t tighten it!) in the middle, then carefully thread one end through one of the holes, front inside out, then tie a knot in the end of the string and trim off any excess. Then repeat with the other end, threading it through the other hole and tying a knot to secure it. Hope that helps!

catw on 21. December, 2012

Hi, these are exactly the idea I had for invites…. Just wondering how do u make the holes? Can you get a punch to make mini holes? Thanks x

CharlieB on 28. December, 2012

Hi Cat, thanks for your message and I’m so pleased you’ve found an idea you like 🙂 I recently bought myself a mini hole punch, there’s full details on where I got it and what I used it for on this blog post and a link to the website I bought it from which is (they do a range of single hole punches in a variety of sizes so just see what’s the best fit). Hope that helps xXx

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Deseree on 21. February, 2013

Could I just pay someone to do this for me??

CharlieB on 21. February, 2013

Hi Deseree, unfortunately these are just ideas for you to create your own 🙂

Monica on 25. February, 2013

I was wondering how these did when you mailed them out? Did the post office give you any hassle? Also did you just use a post card stamp?

CharlieB on 25. February, 2013

Hi Monica, these weren’t my save the dates (although very similar as they were inspired by mine) – here’s the how to on how I made the originals With regards to posting them out, I just took one to my local post office to check what stamp I needed, then I posted myself a test one to make sure it got through the post safely, which it did. I would recommend that everyone making them or something similar does the same thing – get them checked to confirm the stamp needed, and send a test one to yourself to make sure they arrive safely xXx

Monica on 25. February, 2013

CharlieB, Thanks so much that is a great idea!

Alex on 5. March, 2013

These are Devine! Do you still make these at a cost by any chance as I’d be very interested?

CharlieB on 5. March, 2013

Hi Alex, unfortunately I don’t make these, they are just inspired by my original save the dates (which you can see here for which I gave a ‘how to’ guide. Do have a look and see if you might be able to make your own version xXx

Alex on 5. March, 2013

Ok Thankyou for getting back to me! Could you please send me the details on how I can order your template! With the template once you’ve sent it am I able to slightly edit it to make it larger so the cards are a bit bigger or do you have to do that?

CharlieB on 5. March, 2013

Hi Alex, I just send you the template for you to tweak as you wish – unfortunately due to the number of requests I receive plus my other work I don’t have the time to amend the template for individuals. Word can be quite tricky as it’s not made to do design work, so it would be up to you to see if you can amend it to make the cards bigger than I’ve made them. I’ll email you the details and then you can have a read xXx

Amy on 7. March, 2013

Hey there,

Oh my, these are absolutely stunning. I love them. I have been trying to think of a good rustic way of designing my own save the date cards and these are perfect and just what I wanted. I trawled through online sites and nothing fulfilled what I pictured for my own cards.

I would also love to make these myself, but would like to add a sunflower in the place of your cow parsley (which works excellently, but I want to change it slightly). If I could get your template (paying the £5), can it be edited?

Just one final thing, I wasn’t 100% sure on where you stuck the heart, as I though it folded into three, is it possible to also get the measurements for the folds?

Thanks again

CharlieB on 8. March, 2013

Hi Amy, thanks for your lovely message about the save the dates. I’m guessing you’ve also seen my original post for my save the dates that this idea was based on? If you have a good understanding of Word you should definitely be able to swap my cow parsley for a sunflower image, many others have tweaked the design to their own needs/desires you just need to know how to insert an image and it should be fine.

With regards to the folds and where I stuck my heart seal, the save the date is folded into three, but they’re not equally sections. There is a shorter side that just slightly overlaps the other, and this is where I stuck the heart seal. You should be able to vaguely work out where I put my folds if you get the template just from where the text is set out, but I can always dig out on old one of mine and measure where the folds went for you.

I’ll email you the details about buying the template so you have a read and make up your mind xXx

Rebekah on 8. March, 2013

Can I buy these or do I need to make them?

CharlieB on 8. March, 2013

Hi Rebekah, you can’t buy these, they were inspired by my original save the dates that I made for my own wedding which you can view my ‘how to’ guide here xXx

Amy on 8. March, 2013

Hi Charlie,

I responded to your email, thank you very much.

If you could send me the invoice and i’ll happily pay the £5 for your template!

Amy xx

Amy on 15. March, 2013

Hey Charlie,

Don’t suppose you remember how long in cm, you cut the rustic string?

I’ve tried it a couple of times and can’t seem to get it right. I am loving creating these though, can’t thank you enough xxx

CharlieB on 16. March, 2013

Hi Amy, unfortunately I didn’t make this version with the ‘tying the knot’, it was made by one of my readers who was inspired by my original designs and added in the string bit, so I don’t know how long the string should be. Have you tried cutting a long length of string, tying a loose knot in the middle then measuring it against your card to see the length you’d like it to be – then snipping the ends and undoing the loose knot, then using that length to measure and cut all the others against? I think that’s how I’d do it if I was making them xXx

Nicole B on 29. March, 2013

Hi Charlie!! Omgoodness!! I am on cloud 9 over your blog!! I did see the tying the knot save the day last summer via Pinterest, but never was their a diy tutorial!! Thank you! I too am familar with word, but may need some assistance with the template. Will you also share your template with me?
Thank you for your tips throughout your blog re:wedding invitations, stanps, order of service, personl touches/ meanings etc! Allowed me to think about my likes and my fiancés as well! Thank you in advance for your help!!! Smiles!! Nicole

CharlieB on 30. March, 2013

Hi Nicola, what a lovely message to get today 🙂 I’m so pleased you like my blog and have found lots of inspiration and help via it. I’ll definitely email you details about my template xXx

Valerie on 2. April, 2013

Is there a pdf for this? I saw one before, and cannot find it now. You could just fill in your info and it generated it.

CharlieB on 3. April, 2013

Hi Valerie, no there’s not PDF for this – if you are interested you can read my original ‘how to’ on how I made the save the dates that inspired this ‘tying the knot’ version here xXx

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jenn on 27. June, 2013

LOVELOVELOVE this. Thank you so much for sharing. I am also having trouble with matching up sizing and such, could I purchase your template please? It would save me so much headache as my computer skills aren’t as advanced as yours!

CharlieB on 5. July, 2013

Hi Jen, thanks for your lovely message and apologies for my delayed reply – I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant and starting to get quite tired! I will email you details about my template (you will need to follow the details on this blog post for adding in your own ‘tying the knot’ part) xXx

jenn on 27. June, 2013

Also is there anyway I could also get a hold of that beautiful flower image? I’ve searched and searched on the web and through fonts but I love that image the most! thank you so m uch for sharing!

CharlieB on 5. July, 2013

Hi Jenn, I understand it was an image of a hydrangea from a greetings card, so I don’t have a copy I can share but hopefully knowing what type of flower might help you find something similar? xXx

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Jessica on 16. August, 2013

Hi Charlie, is it possible you could tell me how to folds Lisa’s version of Save-the-Date?? I understand for your version, your measuring for the first score is at 7.5cm from the left hand edge, and the second score is at 19.5cm from the left hand edge. But if I were to follow that measurement the width for the first score will be shorter and the middle will be longer compare to the rest.

CharlieB on 16. August, 2013

Hi Jessica, thanks for your message. I’m not sure where Lisa did her measurements for her version of my save the date. You are correct about the measurements that I used – this was because I wanted the sections different sizes when then were scored and folded, rather than being all the same size. My only recommendation is to just try out different folds with yours and see where you like them best xXx

Lindsey on 19. August, 2013

Hello! I stumbled upon these amazing save the dates on Pinterest, and they are PERFECT for my wedding. Can you please email me how I might go about paying for the template in American dollars?

I can’t wait to make them!
Thank you!

CharlieB on 24. August, 2013

Hi Lindsey, thanks for your lovely message and I’m so pleased you like them 🙂 We will be in touch about the template xXx

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jen on 25. September, 2013

this may sound silly, but what did you use to punch the holes (just the right size) for the twine?

I am 99% sure I will be making these for my wedding in July and would love mine to look just as neat as yours!! they are beautiful

CharlieB on 30. September, 2013

Hi Jen, thanks for your comment about these save the dates. I didn’t make this version with the ‘tying the knot’ element, but they were based on my original save the dates which were a little different. I don’t know what was used to punch the holes but I would recommend searching for a single hole punch, you can buy them in all different sizes so you can choose one to fit your needs. Best wishes Charlie xXx

jen on 25. September, 2013

Also, how much twine did you end up using?

CharlieB on 30. September, 2013

Hi Jen, as mentioned in my response to your previous comment I didn’t make these – so I wouldn’t know how much twine was used, but I would have thought one large ball would be plenty? Depends how many you’re making xXx

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Nichola on 1. October, 2013

Hi there
just love your save the dates idea
Can you possibly send me the template please ?
Also the costs of the template

Thanks so much look forward to your reply


Aoife on 2. October, 2013


Love these cards and planning on making them asap. Can I have the template details as well as paypal info….looking forward to getting started :)Thanks in advance!!


CharlieB on 3. October, 2013

Hi Aoife, lovely to hear you’re planning to make something similar to these and that you’d like to use my original template to help you – we’ll be in touch by email xXx

Aoife on 9. October, 2013

Hi Charlie

I am sure you are very busy but I have paid the invoice and not received the template yet? I sent a paid copy of the invoice two days ago now. I’d appreciate if someone could get back to me.



CharlieB on 9. October, 2013

Hi Aoife, apologies for the delay in getting back to you, Izzy’s just started back at Uni so has been busier than usual these past few days. I’ve just picked up your email (am still on maternity leave) and I’ve just sent you the template attached and full details. Apologies for the delay xXx

Aoife on 9. October, 2013

Thanks Charlotte but unfortunately the attachment has not come through- can you please resend?

Kate Mason on 21. October, 2013

These are absolutely fab! I would love to buy the template from you – Please can you send me the details of where to pay etc.. Thank you so much! Kate.

CharlieB on 21. October, 2013

Hi Kate, thanks for getting in touch and we’ll be in touch by email xXx

Rachel on 25. October, 2013

How did you mail these out?

CharlieB on 28. October, 2013

Hi Rachel, these were a version of my original design (which you can see here – mine were designed to be posted out just as they were, with the address written on the back of the card. I just took them to my local post office to check the postage needed, and then popped on a stamp. Someone recently mentioned they had trouble sending them out because they were too small, so I would recommend taking one to your post office before sending them all out – you may need to pop them in a larger envelope xXx

natalie myers on 9. December, 2013

Hi Charlie,
Like so many others I love this save the date idea!I am hoping to create an invitaion version and would like to puchase your template and any other advice or instructions that you can give.
With thanks

CharlieB on 14. December, 2013

Hi Natalie, it’s so nice to hear from you and that you like my ideas, I’ll be in touch by email about my template xXx

Cem on 6. January, 2014

Hi Charlie
I’m not sure if the mssg I left yesterday went through so I’m sending it again, sorry if I’m bothering you twice! I tried to download the font you’ve used, as my version of word doesn’t have it, and think my laptop is now in need of a virus check, oh dear! Don’t worry I’m using my phone to mssg you now.
Can you email me about purchasing your template please? Would I able to get the font if not on my laptop list of fonts?
Do you know what Lisa used to make the holes for the twine? I’m hoping to do a combo of both cards, and do you think I could send through the post with the twine knot as the idea is great but I also really loved how the others looked and I’ve ordered the raffia! ;0). I hope you can help. Cem (pronounced Gem).

CharlieB on 8. January, 2014

Hi Cem, thanks for your message and it’s so lovely to hear you are making something similar yourself 🙂 I will email you about buying my Word template, but I don’t believe you’ll be able to get the font if you haven’t been able to download it onto your computer – and this will make the template look rather odd to you. With regards to send through the post, my advice is to always take your finished save the date/invite to the post office and get it weighed and checked to ensure that you get the right postage and that it is large enough to make it through your postal system xXx

Cem on 6. January, 2014

Sorry, I just read your earlier comment that you don’t know what Lisa used to punch the holes, ignore that part!!! Cem :0)

Cem on 11. January, 2014

Hi Charlie

My fiancé has lent a hand and downloaded the font, so please email the template when you get a moment. Thanks. Cem

Cem on 11. January, 2014

Thank you!

Verena Soriano on 20. January, 2014

Where do you buy the recycled brown card and the twine?

CharlieB on 21. January, 2014

Hi Verena, you can find various suppliers in the UK of recycled brown card here on my directory and the twine you can get from a garden centre or Hope that helps xXx

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Maliha on 7. April, 2014

Hi. I’ve been trying to read through and see if the one commenter that asked about the dandelion type graphic had asked you to get in contact with the maker of these save the dates. I saw where you said she had uploaded the graphic herself and it’s just perfect for what I’m looking to do. If she is willing to share that with us, it would be amazing!

Thanks so much!

CharlieB on 18. April, 2014

Hi Maliha, unfortunately I don’t have the dandelion graphic to share but I’m sure if you have a look online (there are lots of floral fonts) you should be able to find something similar 🙂

Tahne on 17. April, 2014

I just have one question… How did you wrap the card, with the address on it (picture number 2) without the rope showing, or was it placed in another envelope?

CharlieB on 18. April, 2014

Hi Tahne, these weren’t my save the dates (just inspired by my originals) so I’m not sure how this was done – I am assuming that the little knot of twine at the back was just on show, but you could put the save the date in a separate envelope if you wanted xXx

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Brittany Barnes on 25. July, 2014

I was wondering if I could get the template

sheena on 16. August, 2014

These are gorgeous. Please would you be able to email me the template. Thank you so much.

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Monica on 30. November, 2014

Any idea where I can get this paper in the US?

CharlieB on 3. December, 2014

Hi Monica, I’d try Etsy or Ebay?

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Karen on 21. February, 2015

hello, I’m inspired just like you to create my own save the dates using this idea along with another one I saw and my personal touch. I think they would look grea! Any way of sharing the template? Lisa has it for a small amount but in euros 🙁
Thank you so much and I would truly appreciate it.

Oulike idees vir Save-the-date-kaartjies voor jou troue - Troukoors - Troukoors on 12. March, 2015

[…] 4. Hoe mooi is dit nie om ’n simboliese betekenis aan jou kaartjie te heg nie? Die toutjie word getrek en dit simboliseer die Engelse spreekwoord “Tying the knot”. (Foto: The Natural Wedding Company) […]

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Paula on 24. June, 2015

I found your lovely blog and was quite inspired to make my own. May I please have the details regarding getting the template from you? Thank you!

Garry on 25. June, 2015

I’ve seen a lot of comments about postage for these save the dates already, but one question I have is this. When you took them down to the post office and asked them what stamp etc was needed, what was the answer? I may have jumped the gun slightly and already made mine and ordered some floral standard 1st class letter stamps (~£45 worth), but the knot from the raffia seems to make it thicker than the 5mm for UK standard letters! We’ve posted one to ourselves to test so fingers crossed!

CharlieB on 29. June, 2015

Hi Garry, have you seen my original post (this is a version of my original design) Unfortunately as my wedding was 4 years ago now I can’t remember exact details, only what I have shared on the blog post or in previous comments.

Lorn on 7. July, 2015

Inspired by this blog, I created my own wedding “Tying the knot” save the dates – what do you think?

CharlieB on 2. August, 2015

They are fab Lorn! Thanks so much for sharing them 🙂

Lorn on 26. August, 2015

The above link to my tying the knot save the dates is broken – please use this new link . Thanks and happy crafting!

Gemma on 12. September, 2015

I absolutely love these save the dates and have been totally inspired to make my own! Please would it be possible to buy the template that you used in yours? Thank you!

36 Cute And Clever Ways To Save The Date | TheBuzzKing on 26. September, 2015

[…] […]

Clara on 19. December, 2015

Nice, but how do u do it?

Jenna on 7. March, 2016

How do I make the template?

Cool Wedding Save the Date Ideas | Lora Murphy's Wedding Jewellery Blog on 11. April, 2016

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Paulina on 28. May, 2016

Can I buy them ?

Charlie on 29. May, 2016

Hi Paulina, you can’t buy these but I will email you details of how you can make them yourself xXx

50 Creative Event Invitations on 23. June, 2016

[…] when the recipient receives it, the knot will tie tighter as they open it. Genius! Head over to The Natural Wedding Company to read all about […]

Harriett on 9. August, 2016

Hello, Charlie

These looks stunning!

Is there a way to obtain a copy of the word document? If so, I would be ever so grateful if you could help. We are trying to make our own Save The Date cards, but finding it too difficult! Help!

All the best


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Holly Kirkbride on 20. November, 2016

Hi, I absolutely love your save the date cards and this adaptation with the knot! Could I please purchase your Word Template to have a go myself?

Save the date cards that your guests will love - Venus Bridal UK on 20. December, 2016

[…] Crafty: Homemade save the date cards are a lovely personal touch, and perfect if you’re planning lots of DIY decor for your big day. […]

mara on 6. March, 2017

Hello! I love your save the dates and I would like to purchase your template. Please can you help?
Many thanks!

Nicki Biggs on 9. June, 2018

Hi there! I absolutely adore these and am all set to make my own tying the knot save the dates. I would be so grateful if you could send me your template, thank you so much for sharing 🙂

12 Creatively Uniquely Save-the-Date Ideas that will leave your guests in awe. – Vital Events UK on 26. June, 2018

[…] Image Credit: Matt Brown Photography via The Natural Wedding Company blog […]

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